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Rightline Gear
Rightline Gear Sport 2 Car Top Carrier


The Rightline Gear Sport 2 Car Top Carrier is aerodynamically designed to help save $$$ at the gas pump. The carrier is 100% waterproof, unzips 3/4 of the way around for easy loading, and attaches to vehicles WITH or WITHOUT a roof rack. Connect the carrier's straps to a roof rack, run them through the vehicle, or add the Rightline Gear Car Clips (purchased separately) to attach them to the vehicle's door frame.

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Packed up and Ready to go!


I don't have too many negative things to say about my Rightline Gear Sport2 CarTop carrier: the amount of extra gear that can be packed up in this roof rack-bag is phenomenal! When you are talking about any type of road trip adventure with two or more people and the camping/sports gear for the destinations along the way, a car top gear carrier gives you the option to bring along all the stuff that you want, without sacrificing the comfort of the other passengers on the way! I'm impressed with the sheer durability of the material, while still remaining lightweight- when it is not full the top 'trunk' can be taken on and off by myself, a 125 lb woman. The attachment system is the only thing that I would like to have been designed differently, as it has been a learn and improve as you go- type of experience for me, and it is a little bit of a time consuming action. I love the way it is almost as if it was made for the top of my Forrester; it is a great fit and has a sleek, almost seamless design to it. The aerodynamic fit has been proven to be more than just one more thing to make it cosmetically appealing for the consumer; it is also a great factor in maintaining a good gas mileage on long trips, which is a very nice perk with the prices of gas. I'm so excited about this purchase, and I think it is one of the reasons why more and more camping trips and long distance car ride sightseeing adventures are becoming a part of our family and friends lives and will be a great way to get more trips in on a budget! It is a too-trunk with style, function, and a great priced neccecity that will save you money in the long run. Go for the Rightline Gear Sport2 if you want to be sure that you get a gear carrier that you won't regret!



Rightline Gear Sport 2 Car Top Carrier

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