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Rightline Gear
Rightline Gear Sport 1 Car Top Carrier


The Rightline Gear Sport 1 Car Top Carrier is aerodynamically designed to help save $$$ at the gas pump. The carrier is 100% waterproof, unzips 3/4 of the way around for easy loading, and attaches to vehicles WITH or WITHOUT a roof rack. Connect the carrier's straps to a roof rack, run them through the vehicle, or purchase the Rightline Gear Car Clips to attach them to the vehicle's door frame.

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Provides extra space


I purchased the Rightline Gear Sport 1 Car Top Carrier for a camping trip and it has become very useful after its original purpose. I was blown away with this carrier's durability. This carrier has stood up to high winds, rain, and snow without losing its original asthetics. I had concerns that water would get through the zipper portion, but everything remains dry inside the carrier and the velcro strips provide additional protection from the elements. This carrier is very roomy and has allows me to free up a lot of space inside my vehicle to make trips more comfortable for all involved. I have used this carrier with and without a car rack and found that the straps provided did a good job of keeping it in place. There was slight movement of the carrier when I didn't use a vehicle with a rack, but once I purchased an additional strap from Righline for better securement through the door it didn't budge. The only downside to this setup is that it caused some minor scuffs to the paint, but once I placed a barrier between the straps it fixed the issue. I would definitely recommend the Rightline Gear Sport 1 Car Top Carrier because it stays in place under a variety of conditions, weatherproof, and easy to setup.

Westchester, IL


Rightline Gear Sport 1 Car Top Carrier

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