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Right Guard
Right Guard Total Defense 5--Refreshing Body Wash

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only a body wash, nothing else


I came across the BOGO Free coupon for these recently and bought all three versions in the Right Guard Body Wash line for men. The Refreshing one, is probably my least favorite of the three. All it is, is a body wash and nothing else. The Cooling one is also a shampoo and the Hydrating one is a shampoo, body wash and can be used for shaving. The scent is decent enough if all you want is just a body wash. But sometimes my husband wants something different and this one just didn't do it. It's not a bad product, don't get me wrong, but it's like I said, *It's just a body wash*. It does clean well, deodorizes a man like it should and keeps him smelling clean for up to 18 hours (I noticed 16 hours but I'm nitpicking). He liked it, I liked it well enough, especially since it was close to free. If I need to buy more, this would be my third choice of Right Guard Body Washes.

Sherman Oaks, CA


Right Guard Total Defense 5--Refreshing Body Wash

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