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Right Guard
Right Guard Total Defense 5--Deodorizing Body Wash

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Now he can't get out of saying he ran out


Right Guard came out with this most awesome product that does everything you can possibly think of: It washes your man's hair and body AND also is a shaving product. Now he can't say he couldn't wash or shave because he "ran out" of something. lol. Since I had an awesome BOGO Free coupon, two actually, and paired it with a great sale, I picked up 4 bottles for almost nothing. I bought the three different versions (Hair wash, Body wash and Hair/Body/Shaving wash) and let him go at it. Out of all three, the three-fer was probably the best smelling of them all. It cleaned, deodorized, prevented bacteria from creating odor, and kept him smelling yummy for 18 hours (ok, realistically, it was more like 16 but close enough). The funny thing is, he tried to get away with saying he ran out of shaving cream when I mentioned he hadn't shaved. I pointed out to him that ***I was the one ***that bought him the wash so I knew it doubled as a shaving cream so he better go back and shave. He said he hoped I hadn't noticed. Love it!

Sherman Oaks, CA


Right Guard Total Defense 5--Deodorizing Body Wash

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