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Right Guard
Right Guard Total Defense 5 Clear Stick Deodorant

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Best Deodorant ever-no dry time, completely invisible, no odor


This is the best deodorant I have ever used. It goes on clear so that there is not stain on my clothes and no white residue in my armpits. Unlike gel deodorants which also go on clear, the stick is not wet after application so I do not have to wait for my armpits to dry because the hair on my armpits is not soaked. I never have armpit odor when using this product. I do not notice any deodorant smell when wearing which is great because I do not want to smell my deodorant either. In summation, no body odor, no stains on my clothes from deodorant, no overwhelming deodorant smell , no dry time, goes on clear and is completely invisible on my armpits.

Henderson, NV


Right Guard Total Defense Stick Deodorant is clear and dry.


I never seem to be able to get a deodorant that does everything that I want. I do believe I have now found one. The Right Guard Total Defense 5 Clear Stick Deodorant is clear, so no white marks on your clothes, and is dry, not wet like most of the clear deodorants. I bought it for Len as it was with the mens selection. It states on it that it is the 'Official Deodorant of the NBA'. It is completely clear, as you can see the circular ball that you turn to bring up the deodorant. You can see the spiral center prong that allows it to move up. The fragrance I have is 'Fresh Blast', and it is refreshing, but not overpowering. It can be used for a man or a woman. I used it under my arms, and it went across them, and I touched them immediately, and there was no wetness. I stayed dry, with no odor. This is a winner for me.

New Port Richey, FL


Right Guard Total Defense 5 Clear Stick Deodorant

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