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Right Guard
Right Guard Sport 3D Odor Defense Invisible Solid - Fresh

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Don't be a skunk!


Stinky isn't good. Friends and I love to go on overnight camping trips and after an active day a refreshing swim finishes off the day. But the grooming isn't complete without the confidence and protection Right Guard Sport 3D provides. I never have to worry if I am unpleasant to be around.




The best invisible solid deodorant ever.


I will never buy another deodorant again. Originally, I ran out of my Secret deodorant, and in all my house, this was the only deodorant that I could find. I was a bit apprehensive at first as it is a man's deodorant, however I quickly realized that it far surpassed the power of any other deodorant that I had ever tried before in my life. The somewhat manly smell dissipates shortly after applying the deodorant, and it keeps me sweat and odor free throughout the entire day. As someone who goes to school and participates in gym class, in addition to playing recreational sports, a good deodorant is an absolute must in my daily life. My original deodorant pales in comparison to this one, and while it kept me odor free, I would still sometimes find sweat marks in my shirts, which would stain and be an extremely distasteful sight. Nevermore, as this Right Guard deodorant has saved me from this, and I would recommend it to anyone.




Right Guard Sport 3D Offers Good Odor Protection


One name in deodorant that is familiar to most everyone is Right Guard. Its products enjoy widespread use and are priced lower than others. One of many useful Right Guard protectants is **Right Guard Sport 3D Odor Defense Invisible Solid.** **Deodorant Commentary:** ** ** Right Guard Sport 3D Odor Defense Invisible Solid is a stick deodorant with a fresh scent. It is easily applied and it has properties that help control odor and wetness, making it a complete underarm protection product. Right Guard Sport 3D Odor Defense Invisible Solid does a good job at eliminating armpit odor and it only a small amount is needed to last the day. The product itself is a little on the sticky side when applied, but it dries up in a short time. It isn't completely invisible, like its name suggests, but it doesn't leave any residue on the clothing so I can forgive this minor fault. For wetness protection, I find this product good, but not outstanding. It is fine if you work indoors and don't partake in much physical activity. But if activity increases and the outdoor temperature is high, I have found this product only semi- effective. It can't seem to handle anything beyond a moderate level of sweat. ** ** **Bottom- Line Viewpoint:** Right Guard Sport 3D Odor Defense Invisible Solid is a good product that is fine for the less active types who spend most of their day sitting in an office cubicle and not moving around much. More active people will find its wetness protection a little lacking, but the odor protection is good and the wetness protection is good enough for the majority of users.


Houston, TX


Right Guard Odor Defense is defenseless against my B.O.


First the good.  Being a person with a very sensitive nose (and also a very selective nose for things that smell like antiperspirant and deodorant) I have to say that I really do like the smell of the fresh sent.  In addition, I believe my wife also likes the smell.  The resulting intersection of a smell that I like and that my wife likes is pretty small, so this is actually quite an accomplishment.  That said, there are a couple of things I don't like about this product.  Number one, I don't like how the solid formula applies to my underarm.  It's very sticky and pulls on the few armpit hairs I have.  It leaves a white residue, which isn't a big deal to me (I don't wear a lot of tank tops) but I imagine it would be for some people.  I don't really like this product because it really does nothing to stop the onslaught that is my sweat glands.  It doesn't even come close to stopping perspiration which it should.


Atlanta, GA


Right Guard Sport 3D Odor Defense Invisible Solid - Fresh

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