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Right Guard
Right Guard Sport 3D Odor Defense Clear Gel - All Scents

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All Day Protection


I really like the Right Guard Sport 3D Odor Defense Clear Gel deodorants. All of the Right Guard products have always been great for me. The 3D odor defense really lasts all day long. Helps fight sweat and odors. You really do not have to worry about moisture with this deodorant.



Rite Guard Sport Gel is the best on the market.


This product really does double duty. First off it controls odor and sweat particularly when you are working out and need it. It also is a gel so that it beneficial. The white sticks just do not seem to work for me, as they tend to leave a residue on my skin and on my clothes. I have never bought a stick product that does not do this. They gels appear to work better on my clothes. This product really has all of the the things that I am looking for. Whether you put it on dry or when you get out of the shower it will blend into your skin. The smell is not overpowering. However, there are some of the scents that I do not care for. The product itself is relatively inexpensive. You can usually find it on sale in more chain drug stores. There are also usually coupons floating aournd out there, so it is possible to score this for almost free. I would say that this is a great product for someone who is very active and needs extra protection.

Glastonbury, CT


right guard.. a famiar smell


In a large variety, Right Guard has bin my deoderent of choice for years, and probably years to come. From stick to gel the deoderent has a reputation of being used byt the NBA, as do many other deoderents. The brand name alone is not the deodertent of many, the majority of over rated brands draw away atention from Right Guard. But it seams to be coming back to people that this deoderent is superior. I say this because i worked at a drug store fro a wile and this seamed to be gaining more atention over the years. This comeback is the most well desearved ( at least int the depatment of deoderents ) because it also means some people are reallising the over rated non sence that is AXE, Old Spice, and other top brand over priced, and over advertised brands of pop culter. The demand on Righ Guard is steadily rising in the drug store i work at, and were restocking the shelves it seams evry few hours. 5 out of 5. fights oder like no other, with the best smelling action for its price range.

Los Angeles, CA


No Need to Fret Over Sweat With Right Guard Sport 3D Defense Gel


During the day my husband is your typical white collar Manager, giving orders and making sure the business runs right.  On his off time He is a man's man...spending his hours playing sports or working hard in the yard and he sweats.  *Right Guard Sport 3-D Odor Defense *keeps him fresh and dry no matter what he may be doing.  It has become his staple accessory.  I love Right Guard Sport invisible solid because it does not stain his dress shirts.  It also has a very pleasant scent.  In fact, the first time He had it on and He came home from work, I hate to admit but I asked him who had he been hugging?  Probably not the best thing to ask your spouse but he smelled that nice (smile).   After a few days I figured out that it was the Right Guard Sport 3-D Odor Defense Solid and than I was tempted to use it myself.  Now when I am in the store I try to stock up on this magnificient product.  Cheers for Right Guard.  Once you use, you will never turn back!

Fort Gratiot, MI


Right Guard Sport 3D Odor Defense Protects You All Day


  Odor and wetness protection is essential for everyone, and this is especially true for those who lead a more active lifestyle and/or are simply more prone to sweat. One product that helps stop bad smells and dampness is **Right Guard Sport 3D Odor Defense Gel**, a product for men.   **Deodorant Commentary:**   Right Guard Sport 3D Odor Defense Gel is a clear gel product from one of the best- known names in deodorant care. This personal care product utilizes the active ingredient Aluminum Zirconium Octachlorohydrex Gly, which acts as an anti- perspirant. It also includes special odor blockers that contribute protection for a full twenty- four hour period. This product offers a masculine scent and is intended for the male sex, but anyone can use it.   Right Guard Sport 3D Odor Defense Gel offers good protection from both odor and wetness and it's a product I use on occasion. I don't live an active lifestyle and I don't participate in team sports (not that this is a good thing- I should try to be more active), but I still perspire very easily and I recognize the need for a stronger deodorant product. Living in a very warm climate only compounds the problem, but Right Guard Sport 3D Odor Defense Gel is very good at preventing wetness. The product glides on wet- like most gel deodorants- but it doesn't take long to dry and once dry, it protects against wetness for a full day.   Odor protection is also important and Right Guard Sport 3D Odor Defense Gel has you covered in this area as well. The product is strong scented and contains special odor blockers to protect against embarrassing odor. Of the two important properties, I consider odor protection more important that wetness protection and Right Guard Sport 3D Odor Defense Gel does keep odor at bay.   One characteristic of this personal care product that I don't necessarily find to my liking is the scent. The smell is masculine, but it doesn't have the nice, pleasant aftershave scent so common with other men's deodorants. The scent here has a distinctly chemical dimension, like a combination of aftershave with household cleaners and chemicals. This is likely part of the reason why this product is effective at fighting odor- it would be difficult for any bodily scent to compete with the smell of this deodorant.   **Bottom- Line Viewpoint:**   Right Guard Sport 3D Odor Defense Gel is a good, useful product from Right Guard that lives up to its promises. A little more pleasing scent would be nice, but this is still a good personal care product for both anti- perspirant and odor control purposes.  

Houston, TX


Right Guard Sport 3D Odor Defense Clear Gel - All Scents

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