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Ridgid Wet/Dry Vacuum

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Ridgid Wet Dry Vacuum


I replaced my old Ridgid wet/dry vac with this newer and more improved one. It does all of the things my old one did but has a lot more attachments which make it much easier to vacuum up large, small and medium sized things. This is a great wet /dry vac very reasonably priced. I bought mine at Home Depot. Maneuverability As is with most wet/vacs, it's on wheels and rolls around pretty good in the garage, shop and flat surfaces. When you are on a slope, it will roll so you need something to keep that from happening. Ease of Maintenance It's very easy to clean and the filter comes right out which is no problem at all to clean and replace. Suction Performance This vacuum really has amazing suction. I have to be careful when I vacuum the leaves out of the rock bed because it will pick up the rocks as well. Not small ones either. Versatility I guess if you could mount it on your back it would be ideal for me. It's a little bit clumsy pulling it around on a slope but otherwise it's fine. Design The design is pretty much standard as with most of these Wet/dry vacuums. They are very easy to use. Durability I had my last Ridgid 6 years and used it a lot. It was still working when I gave to it to a good friend.




Outstanding shop vac!


I think we picked up our Ridgid wet/dry shopvac on a Black Friday special one year just thinking that it was a heck of a deal and wouldn't be too bad to have around. Well, I am so glad that we did, because it has come in handy multiple times since then. Our air conditioning handler drain pipe backed up and it was the Ridgid wet/dry shopvac to the rescue to help suck up the dripping water and puddles so that we could try to determine the root cause of the overflowing water. It was also invaluable in sucking out the extra water from the drain pipe - I can not think of any other tool that you would want for that job. During the twice yearly garage organization and cleaning, it is again invaluable in getting the garage back to a spic and span type condition. It is easy to clean, easy to replace the filter, and I love the onboard storage for the different extensions and tools. Great piece of equipment for anyone!


Gulfport, MS


This vacuum really sucks! lol


If you are looking for a wet/dry vac that really sucks, this 12 gallon Rigid is the best! No one loves it when a toilet overflows or a washer machine starts spewing water and suds across the room, but these things do happen and when they do, it's good to have the best tool available for the job! This machine is very powerful and can suck a carpet dry! Not to mention how handy it is to have around for car detailing! Living in Florida sand gets everywhere, and it is really hard to get out of the carpet in the car. The Rigid has you covered. It is really nice to vacuum the car and feel like everything came up! Not to mention it just looks great! The Rigid rolls around easily, which is pretty handy when it is full (or near full) of water. When it is empty, it is light enough to carry should you need to. I also like that it isn't so bulky that it is hard to store. In fact, there really isn't anything I don't like about this machine, everyone should have one!


Olivia, NC


Ridgid Wet/Dry Vacuum

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