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Ridgid 18 Volt Lithium Ion Auto Shift Cordless Drill

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ridgid 18 volt drills is one of the best drills i have ever used


I'm a general contractor and have used a lot of different drills. Ihave found the ridgid 18 volt cordless drill to be one of the best.It has good tork and drives 3"screws with no problems.The life of the battery is extermily long,and recharges fast.The weight of the drill compairs to most 18 volt drills.The duribilty is also excelent sa i have dropped it off a latter more than once ,it has not cracked and still runs perfect. You will also like the way the drill battery locks into the drill,so it cannot come loose.Ihave used alot of different drills and i would recommend the ridgid 18 volt cordless drill to any profesonal or do it yourself person.So if you want a quilty drill this is one that you should look at or at least try before you buy.After you try a ridgit 18 volt cordless drill you will see the differance it makes.If you have had other types of drills you will see the differance this drill makes.Good screwing

Fullerton, CA


nothing can stop this


this drill has been dropped, run over by a truck and left outside in the snow and still works great.  The clutch has not locked up and only needs basic maintenance.  lifetime battery replacement is a wonderful option. My new manufacture of choice since craftsman has gone down the tubes

Taylor, MI


Works as long as you


This Ridgid 18 volt lithium-ion cordless drill is superb. I used it for over ten hours, without a charge, to set up a wooden play set for my kids. I was able to drill many holes and secure hundreds of fasteners of many different sizes. When securing larger lag bolts the drill automatically provided lower torque for power. The 1/2 inch chuck accepts larger bits than a 3/8 allowing more versatility. I also drilled five one inch holes through 2x8 floor joists,to run a dryer electrical feed, using an auger bit with no problems. In the time it would have taken me to set up my hole hawg with a keyed chuck and run an extension cord, I was done. The drill and the batteries are guaranteed for life after sending in the paperwork, that was the best selling point for me. I have an older Dewalt and black and decker (ni-cad batteries ) they just dont hold a charge  anymore and new ones cost about the same as a new drill. In 20 minutes this drill is charged and ready to go and with a 90 day money back warranty you cant go wrong **WHAT IS COVERED UNDER THE LIFETIME SERVICE AGREEMENT: **The Lifetime Service Agreement on RIDGID® Hand Held Power Tools, Stationary Power Tools and Pneumatic Tools covers all worn parts in properly maintained tools, including normal wear items such as brushes, chucks, motors, switches, gears and even cordless batteries in your qualifying RIDGID®Brand hand held and stationary power tools; and replacement rings, driver blades and bumpers on RIDGID® Brand pneumatic tools for the lifetime of the original owner. This Lifetime Service Agreement does not apply to other RIDGID® Brand products.

West Simsbury, CT


Ridgid 18 Volt Lithium Ion Auto Shift Cordless Drill

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