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Ricola Dual Action Cherry Cough Drops

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This product tastes horrible and has an unpleasant gummy center.


This is the first Ricola product I have ever tried, and when I tell people how horrible it tastes, they tell me it must be the 'dual action formula'. I have heard great reviews about Ricola, but can't say that I agree with them. Yes, the product does work pretty well. It did help suppres my cough a bit, and it has helped minimize my sore throat pain, but they taste HORRIBLE. And even worse is the syrup center that explodes after you have the cough drop in your mouth for awhile. TALK ABOUT DISGUSTING! The syrup comes out unexpectedly and then turns into a gummy consistency that sticks to the roof of your mouth. My kids refuse to use Ricola Dual Action Cough Drops, and prefer to deal with a cough or sore throat instead. Congestion Relief As far as I can tell, this product is not meant to assist with congestion of any kind. Therefore, I gave it a satisfactory rating. Chest Congestion Relief As far as I can tell, this product is not meant to assist with congestion of any kind. Therefore, I gave it a satisfactory rating. Relief of Aches & Pains You can definitely feel a numbing effect after the cough drop is gone. It's not uncomfortable or overly strong, but it did help to slightly numb the discomfort of an irritated throat. Cough Suppression I may hate the taste of these things, but they did seem to help suppress my cough. The only problem is, they are so unpleasant to use, it's difficult to force myself to put one in my mouth. But, desperate times DO call for desperate measures.

Jacksonville, NC


Ricola Dual Action Drops cherry flavor worked great on my cough.


Ricola is a product that I trust for soothing sore throats. I saw that they had a Dual Action one in the flavor of cherry, and figured I would buy it, as it was on sale for 99 cents. Upon opening the bright red, white, and black packet, I thought how unique the cough drops are. They are in individual packets, that are sealed at each end. They have the same bright colors on them. They are easy to tear, so the cough drop comes out. The color is more of a dark pink/purple than cherry. However, the flavor is good. It tastes fruity, and natural. These drops are for 'Soothing cough & throat relief', and this is what they do. Once you suck through the outer part of the drop, a liquid comes out, that immediately clears your nose. I was so surprised when it happened. The 'oral anesthetic' is in the liquid center, and the soreness of my throat disappeared. These worked great for me. There are only 19 drops in the packet, but well worth the money. Congestion Relief As soon as the liquid center came out, my nose congestion left. Chest Congestion Relief Didn't really do anything for my chest. Relief of Aches & Pains These are to help sooth a cough and help the throat. Cough Suppression Worked great.

New Port Richey, FL


Ricola Dual Action Cherry Cough Drops

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