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Rich Art Clean Colors Washable Paint

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I have to use too many coats


I purchased black to make home made halloween costumes and I'm very disappointed at how many coats I'm having to use to get the color I want. Not to mention how thin it is. It's drying as more of a gray. I'm just not overall satisfied with this product. I guess you get what you pay for?




Does what its supposed to


Rich Art's washable paint does what it's supposed to do. They provide rich deep colors that are safe to deal with. This means you can paint a shirt (this is not how you should color a shirt however), paint a birdhouse, draw on paper, and a host of other children-based arts and crafts at the comfort of your home. All you need for Rich Art's colors washable paint is some kind of container or bucket to hold the paint, some water if you would like to dilute it, and of course several brushes for your kids to use. There is really no prep work involved with this paint. In addition, you don't have to invest a lot of time cleaning up as you just swipe areas that got hit with the paint with a paper towel and toss out any trash. The washable paint is found in most stores, and can be purchased online if there is no brick and mortar store nearby. For a great way for your child to get creative and explore painting and drawing, I recommend getting several different colors of this paint from Rich Art.


San Marino, CA


Great for multiple uses


Rich Art clean colors washable paint comes in many different colors for all types of painting. These washable paints can be used in pretty much any way the user sees fit. At the local afterschools academy that I taught at one summer, the director used to buy these and use them as a sort of watercolor set. There are products that are specificailly for water coloring (crayola makes a number of them for examle) but the problem is that when you are dealing with a large gruop of kids (mischeivious kids) the water color sets quickly get destroyed as the kids splash all the colors together. Because the colors are inside the little watercoloring pastel, once they get mixed the colors get mixed. With something like the Rich Art clean color paint bottles, you simply squeeze out a small amount and place it on an external piece of paper or plastic board and let the kids paint. If they mix colors it's not a big deal because the container that stores the paint (the Rich Art bottle) is still left intact and the color is preserved.


South Pasadena, CA


Great paint


This is a great way to pick up lots of colors for cheap. These Rich Art clean color washable paint canisters do not cost much at all and are very affordable. they come with a decent amount of washable paint so it's not like you are purchasing just a drop of paint. hardly the case since you are getting a lot for your money. There are a lot of uses for these and you are not limited to any one thing. You could certainly use them to paint, but they really don't have to do anything with painting. I know that some people use this on big poster type paper when people are making banners. in fact, tons of people do this for their activities. For example if a group wanted to create a banner for a marathon, one option is for them is to use rich art clean color washable paint in various colors to create a banner that is fit for the occassion. The paint holds up great and is not toxic, which is good for people and also good for the environment. There's a lot of colors for you to choose from.


Los Angeles, CA


Rich Art Clean Colors Washable Paint

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