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Rice A Roni
Rice A Roni Spanish Rice

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Rice a roni Spanish Rice


I continually buy this product and it always turns out terrible, It's mushy the rice is never cooked through. I consider myself a good cook so what am I doing wrong.



We make Tacos and this is our favorite side.


We eat it without meat at times.



Great taste


Rice a Roni products are great tasting, easy to fix, and a terrific addition to any meal. They are a great value for the money, which helps when you are on a tight budget. My children love the spanish rice flavor. I pick up several boxes during most of my visits to the grocery store.



Rice A Roni Spanish Rice Is An Easy Dish To Make


Rice A Roni comes in a small box but it will make a good amount of Spanish Rice or whatever kind you choose. This is found near the pasta's section of your grocery store. This Spanish Rice contains white rice and vermicelli added in with spanish seasonings.This can be cooked in the microwave or on your stove top. I used my stove top when I tried this. You will need some ingredients to add to this to make it a complete meal. You will need butter, water,a 14 1/2 ounce can of diced tomatoes undrained, and abouty a pound of ground beef. The total cook time when you cook it on top of your stove is approximately 20 minuets. This should make aboutr 3 1/2 cups when it is completed. When I finished cooking this, I added Shredded Cheddar Cheese to it so it would melt down in to finalize this delicious dish. **Nutrition:** This contains 260 calories when it is totally prepared. The Calories from fat are 70 calories.There is no trans fats, no saturated fats,Sodium is 890 mg, Cholesterol is 0 %.The total Carbohydrates for this Rice A Roni Spanish Rice is 40 grams.There is 5 grams of Protein. **This product contains Wheat and Soy.** **My Overall Opinion: ***This is an easy dish to prepare. You can prepare this and add in some ingredients if you prefer.This tastes delicious. * *This is distributed by The Golden Grain Company located in Chicago, Illinois.Made in the USA.* * *

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Rice A Roni Spanish Rice

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