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Riccar Vacuum

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Very disappointing


This vacuum is not worth the money,. It does not pick up well on bare floors, or Berber carpet. I vacuum over the same area several times, and the debris is still there. I do not have any plush carpet in my home, so I can not rate it for that usage. I gave it a 4 cause I like the built in attachments. The attachment hose sucks better than the sweeper. Great for my car, steps, and furniture. The replacement bags are pricey ( I get the hepa ones). The family I work for has a Hoover wind tunnel, it picks up great on bare floors. It is what I am hoping to replace my Riccar with soon.



Expensive and a little disappointing


Does not pick up dirt as well as promised Maneuverability Very clunky. My family members have nicked walls and furniture slamming it around corners Ease of Maintenance Belt falls off too much, but it is easy to put back on. I wonder why they designed it to come off so easily? Suction Performance Should be much better for the price. too much air escapes from the vacuum around all its parts Versatility Lots of attachments and a very long cord. Can suck up larger hard objects without exploding. Design Not thin enough to go under and between things. Durability Mine is only a few years old and the handle is breaking off. I have it held on with duct tape.

Orlando, FL


Riccar is among the best


Being 69 *I have gone through a few vacuum cleaners from cheap ones to Hoovers, Kirby's and now this Riccar.* *Suction is fantastic and has not failed me in the last 3 years I have used it. Much cheaper than the Kirby and every bit as good at cleaning carpets. If you don't shine your shoes or polish your silverware with your vacuum this is the one for you.*

Branch, MI


The Riccar Vacuum is the One I Have Been Waiting For!


I have been through several vacuums over the past 13 years, and I finally found the one I love! I kept buying cheap vacuums, and being disappointed when they would only last a short time. My last vacuum I spent a little more money, and was happy with the suction, but it was too flimsy, and lasted less than a year. I finally gave in to the advice of several family members who had Riccars, and loved them. I spent a little more money and bought myself a Riccar. The Riccars aren't as fancy looking as some of the other vacuums on the market, and they do have a little bit of a hefty price tag, but they are made to be durable and powerful. My Riccar has great suction, and I feel like it gets my carpet really good and clean. It has a decent warranty, and I have been told they have a very good life span compared to other vacuums on the market. I like the built in hose that extends and has a pretty good reach. I have also found that my Riccar works well on my hard surface floors(tile), as well as the carpet, which is important to me. It is a little heavier than my last vacuum, but it glides so smoothly across my carpet that it doesn't seem heavy at all while I vacuum.

Oregon City, OR


Great for pet owners


A vaccum repairman reccomended this to me and it is the only vaccum I will use.  I have two dogs who constantly shed but this vaccum really gets all the hair.  My allergies are less severe and my floors are clean!!! It will be the only vaccum you will use.

Katy, TX


Riccar vacuums are great for multiple pet hair without clogging.


I've used many different poplular name brand vacuums and they have all become clogged with pet hair to the point of burning up the vacuum.  Plus they all seemed to loose suction shortly after we purchased them.  Our Riccar vacuum is the best one we've owned.  It doesn't clog and the suction power is consistently strong.  The Riccar picks up everything and works on carpet and wood floors.  Riccar provides many attachments including your choice of power cord length.  With the long cord we are able to vacuum our stairs without having to change outlets.  I believe Riccar's are worth every penny!

Muskegon, MI


Riccar Vacuum

4.3 6