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Riccar Vacuum

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Extremely Powerful for Pet Owners


Riccar makes an incredible vacuum.  The cleaning power is amazing. The only downside is the price.  With my cats, however, I went through vacuums almost as fast a kitty litter   I thought I'd invest in a better vacuum and it has paid off well.  Our church only buys Riccar vacuums because, like me, they wasted too much money on other brands.  The upright Riccars will eat their cords if you vacuum over them or you're not careful.  Also, because of the superior American made motors, Riccars tend to be heavy.  That hasn't been a problem for me but could be for someone who has been ill or lacks strength. 

Canton, GA


Great Vacuum for a Home owner


This isn't a cheap Vacuum by any means but a *lot less* than the high priced door to door models. We have had ours for 3 years and it does a fantastic job for cleaning carpets and getting the deep down dirt and sand.

Branch, MI


I like my Riccar 700 very much!


This thing has the hefty, solid feel that tells me I'll still be able to use it 20 years from now. It feels very sturdy and well-built, but is still readily maneuverable and easy to wheel around and aim where you want it to go. We have the upright model with an input for a hose for uncarpeted floors. It does everything we need, from pulling down cobwebs from the ceiling to grabbing up deep dirt from the rugs. The on-off switch is much more conveniently located than others we've had, which makes it much more responsive. 

Fairfax, VA


Riccar Vacuum

4.7 3