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Riccar Supralite Vacuum

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Best for pet hair


My mother told me about the Riccar Supralite Vacuum. I have a dog and a cat and there is always pet hair everywhere. I purchased this vacuum specifically for the pet hair and it is amazing at how easily it picks up pet hair and it's so light. You can easily vacuum stairs with it as well. I also purchased the hand held attachment equipment as well which does not have as much suction power as the full vacuum cleaner, but it does the job. This vacuum was a tad expensive, but it is worth it and I have had no problems. Maneuverability Easy to use, light and I can use under dining room chairs without moving the chairs. Ease of Maintenance Great filter system and vacuum bags. I have not had any maintenance issues and I have a lot of pet hair Suction Performance Excellent suction. Purchased specifically for pet hair which it picks up easily. Versatility so light you can even hold it to vacuum stairs Design simple and light Durability I have had this for years and it has never had any problems



Super vacuum!!


This vacuum is like no other I have ever used. This line is on the pricier end - but it actually makes me happy! I have spent alot of money previously on a well know german made vacuum and hated it from week one. This one I pull out to vacuum almost every day and I vacuum everything with an upright; dog's beds, the couch, the stairs and much more. I vacuum hardwood floors and go straight to my berber carpet and right over the throw rugs too. We have some dark green carpet that I don't think I have ever really seen it clean from all the little white fuzzies and threads and dust and now with one swipe, it looks show room clean. Our berber carpet lloks clean, but it hides everything.and the first time I went over it, I could hear it sucking things up that should not have been there. I think I have vacuumed more in the past couple of months then in the past 15 years! I am now saving up for the top of the line canister. Can't wait to get it! Warning: don't push the vacuum over the cord - it will chew it up (but it is very gentle on my fringed throw rugs).

East Rochester, NY


Riccar Supralite Vacuum

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