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Riccar Radiance Vacuum

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I would never buy another Riccar vacuum


Very easy job for a vacuum cleaner, only about 700 square feet of carpet, no children and no pets. Have had to have repaired 4 times since 2006. We have unit serviced every year and have taken very good care of it but it is constantly breaking. It has broken a different parts every time. For the price that we paid for this thing I feel it should be built out of good materials. Sent email to Riccar but no response.


Elmendorf, TX


Long-term review of RICCAR Rad 5


Bought this in 2007 on the basis it would last a lifetime. Since then I've had to take it into the shop three times for faulty parts. Once for the headlight, once for the cord and now for the clip that activates the roller bar. Things seem to break about every three years. This vacuum is used after a DYSON. I.e. I run the DYSON first to pick up dog hair (3 shepherds) then run the RICCAR to really clean the carpet (DYSON doesn't agitate the carpet as well). So basically the RICCAR has always had a easy job in a 1900 sq-ft house. Ideal conditions for any vacuum. I've written to RICCAR with my complaint and 2 weeks later not a peep. I does clean good when not in the shop.


Dallas, Texas


Best vacuum on the market.


When I got married I knew that I really wanted to spend some of my money on a really good vacuum. I researched and didn't really find too much about Riccar. My mom owned one so I decided to give it a try. It is such a great vacuum! Great suction, light weight, nice attachments. I have had mine for 5 years and never had it break down on me. I have actually only had it serviced one time, now I know to do it every year. The guy at the vacuum store who serviced it was impressed that I owned one. He said most people go for the fancy Dysons and such, that you see on TV but Riccar is really a good vacuum for how much cheaper it is. It is easy to replace the belt and bag myself and I have figured out how to unclog it. I let it over heat one time and I called the customer service number, they were really helpful and talked me through how to fix it on my own.


Henderson, NV


I love Riccar!!


Wow, an amazing vacuum cleaner. Very reliable and powerful... great suction. My whole family is obsessed with Riccar. My mother, sister, grandmother, and I all have them. It's easy to use and push, sleek, attractive, and high quality. The attachments are easy to use as well... I use on hardwood floors around the perimeter of rooms, for bathroom floors, carpet stairs, car mats, baseboards of rooms, etc., etc. It has a great warranty as well. I don't think the price is unreasonably high either... my mother and I bought ours together for a buy one get one 50% off deal at a vacuum store. Bypass the other vacuum brands and get this high quality Riccar that is sure to last!! You won't regret it. :)


Greenville, SC


best vacuum ever - great for hard surfaces too


I LOVE my riccar! Owned it for 3 yrs now - it has only been to the service man once (and that was my own fault for vacuuming up things I shouldn't while the house was under construction - like nails and sawdust !) I saved up my money for months to purchase this vacuum. I chose it because it got great reviews for allergy sufferers - and I have 2 small children - one with multiple severe allergies, me with severe seasonal allergies. It works amazingly on carpet - gets up pet hair wonderfully. When I purchased this vacuum we lived in a house that was mostly carpet and I used it almost daily. Then we moved to a house that has all wood floors on the main level - and I thought I would not use my riccar very much and relegated it to the basement (which just has 2 rooms of carpet). But one day - even after I had 'swiffed' my hardwood floors - I still felt like I was getting dirt on my barefeet - so I brought up the riccar, turned it on - and the light showed me all the dog hair still on the floor! Now I 'riccar' almost daily and it gets the hard floors rid of our dogs hair. It is a little heavy to go up and down the stairs - but it is a quality vacuum - not near reason enough to not consider getting it. I also love the cloth refil bags. They hold alot - I use about a bag a month or 2. I used to have a 'bagless' vacuum and emptying the container and cleaning the filter was disgusting - I am never going back to bagless !


Saint Louis, MO


Long Lasting, great suction!


Riccar is known for being durable and long lasting. Several of my family members have Riccar vacuums so I knew I wanted one. My family members have had their vacuums for many many years, (15 or more). The Radiance model is simple, easy to use, has hepa filter bags that keep the air fresh. It comes with all the attachments you need, a hose, a brush, and best of all there's an extra long cord so that you can clean most of the house without having to plug into a different spot. There is a light on the front so you can vacuum in the dark too. You will sense the power of this vacuum the first time you use it. I have cats and this machine is able to get all the kitty litter, usually in one pass, which is incredibly rare for a vacuum (if you're a cat owner, you know!). There is a floor setting as well as a carpet setting and both work great. The bags are easy to replace, which I hadn't expected, having used bagless for so long. Overall, a great vacuum that I intend to have for many years.


Phoenix, AZ


Fantastic vacuum, well worth the price


I have the Riccar Radiance upright vacuum in the beautiful ruby color.  I love this vacuum!  First, I have had it since 2004 and it has always worked very well.  It is self-propelled and is really good at cleaning up almost anything.  The brush has special ball-bearings in it so that the belt has a lifetime replacement warrantee.  And there are four headlights so you can still see under the table and in dark corners.  There are 3 HEPA filters, one on the motor, one on the bag and one on the side.  Also there are two orange LED type lights that come on if your vacuum bag needs to be changed or if there is something caught in the brush.  Which I happened to not pay attention and then I accidently broke the belt.  This was last week.  So I called up the store where we bought the vacuum and they said that ALL RICCARS HAVE A 6 YEAR FULL WARRANTEE.  So I headed on down there and the owner of the store said that Riccar has the full warrantee for the belts for lifetime maintenance and everything else for 6 years.  So Riccar gave me a whole new vacuum, new attachments (I love the telescoping pieces by the way!) and changed all my filters.  FOR FREE!!!!   I love this company and I love this vacuum!!!


Irving, TX


Riccar Radiance Vacuum

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