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Rhode Gear
Rhode Gear Limo Child Carrier

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The child seat is a great way to take your little one for a ride


(The Rhode Gear Limo is now called the CoPilot Limo) The Rhode Gear Limo is a great way to take your kids who are 4 and under for a bike ride.  I have owned one for several years through two kids who are now too large to use it.  My youngest who is now three loves it and just this morning I gave him a ride to camp in it. The Rhode Gear Limo child's seat slides on a specialized bike rack that connects to the back of most bikes.  It is mostly molded plastic expect for the cushions and straps. My only real complaint is that his feet need to be completely in the stirrups or my heels hit against his feet when I pedal.  We don't strap his feet in. Just too much work and they don't stay. Between the straps and the padded bar that lowers over his head, it feels very safe and sturdy.  He can last about an hour before he starts to complain and want to go home.  I think you can start your kids as young as 2 years old in the Rhode Gear Limo. A link to the product on Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/CoPilot-Limo-Bicycle-Child-Seat/dp/B000G1YO2I

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Rhode Gear Limo Child Carrier

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