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Reynolds Wrappers

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So convenient for everything from the kitchen to the grill


I am a busy mom/wife/career woman.  Cooking usually entails throwing a frozen pizza in the oven.  However, finding Reynolds Wrappers has changed my outlook on cooking/grilling!  I know you are saying "what is the big deal - it is just aluminum foil."  I thought that at first but have found Reynolds Wrappers to be so much more.  Just pulling that ready to go sheet of foil out of the box makes me think " what else can I wrap?"  I use these for everything from lining the pan/cookie sheet for use in the oven (makes for SUPER eay cleanup) to wrapping some nice fresh corn for grilling - Reynolds Wrappers have made my life so much easier!  I can't imagine my kitchen without them!!!

South Park, PA


Reynolds Wrappers

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