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Plastic Wrap
Reynolds Plastic Wrap

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Durable Plastic Wrap


Reynolds Plastic Wrap works great. There are tons of plastic wraps products out there and I can honestly say that I trust Reynolds. It definitely costs more than store or generic brands but it also works better. While other brands have ones that are thin and not at all doing their job, Reynolds Plastic Wrap clings well to surfaces like the dishes and other things. It is also think and durable enough to withstand pressure on it without breaking through. Also, it does a great job keeping odors in their respectable places. Once I had a container tip over and it held on and kept all the fluids and food inside which was a great relief. What I especially like is that now all the boxes come with a razor edge so that tearing off a piece is simple and easy. For some store brands, it is hard to tear off a piece because of the razor and sometimes it seems as if it is the plastic wrap's fault. I recommend this product, it is the way to go!

Endicott, NY


Reynolds Plastic Wrap is a quality product


     Their are a lot of budget plastic wrap products out there, but Reynolds Plastic Wrap continues to be one of the best wrap products available.  It is a bit more expensive than some of the budget or store brand name products, but in this case you do get what you pay for, and if you want a quality plastic wrap Reynolds is the way to go.  The wrap itself is thick enough to keep out odors and not tear easily, and it holds well enough to keep it sealed if your container gets tipped or bumped into other items in your refridgerator. I use plastic wrap regularly because i do cook quite a bit and when i fix a big meal i try to make enough so that there are leftovers for the next day.  And since i like to see what is in the refrigerator, plastic wrap obviously works better than something like aluminum foil. Reynolds Plastic Wrap is a great value for the money and i highly recommend it. I usually use the 100 ft. by 12" rolls.

Grand Haven, MI


A cling wrap that clings...


This is the best plastic wrap made-it stays put and its thick enough to really seal out food orders in your refridgerator.  And...since they brought back the metal tear-off edge it is easier than ever to use.

Blue Springs, MO


Occasionally Clings to Itself But it Clings to my Dishes as Well


***Bottom-Line***: All-n-all, I don't like ***Glad Cling Wrap*** and after this box is done I will not be buying it again! Plastic wrap; it is not something I use every day, but it is an item I keep in the pantry just in case.  And when I need it I expect it to work.  I have been disappointed in *Glad Cling Wrap*; it just doesn't cling very well to anything but itself!  Conversely, I have been very pleased with ***Reynolds Plastic Wrap***.       **The 411** Manufactured and marketed by *Reynolds Consumer Products*, a division of *Alcoa Inc*., ***Reynolds Plastic Wrap*** checks in at 100 sq. feet x 12-inches roll of crystal clear, Polyethylene.  You can also buy the plastic wrap in festive colors (blue, green, rose and violet) idea for parties and other special occasions.  Besides 100 sq. feet*** Reynolds Plastic Wrap ***can also be had in these denominations: 50, 100, 200 sq. feet. **My Viewpoint ** I like ***Reynolds Plastic Wrap. ***The plastic is thick but malleable and easy to work with and easy to cut.  More importantly, the box has not fallen apart, yet!  It occasionally sticks to itself, but is easy enough to unstuck as well.  The wrap clings well to glass, metal, ceramic, (some) plastics, and china. I usually use ***Reynolds Plastic Wrap*** on glass Pyrex baking dishes, ceramic bowls; I marinade meats in Pyrex dishes, often times on top of the stove, or on the counter top before I throw the meats on the grill. Or sometimes I store them in the refrigerator overnight. In either case ***Reynolds Plastic Wrap ***never loses its grip on the glass. Paper plates and bowls are out, but Corning Cookware is in.  Most metals, and plastics like *Sterilite, Tupperware, Rubbermaid*, are out as well, but I can use ***Reynolds Plastic Wrap***** **on harder plastic containers like *Rubbermaid Premiums.  ** * All-n-all I am very satisfied with ***Reynolds Plastic Wrap*** and I would highly recommend it.

Aurora, IL


Reynolds Plastic Wrap

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