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Revlon outrageous

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I love Revlon's Outrageous shampoo, wish it would come back!


I really love the shampoo by Revlon called Outrageous.  It has an amazing smell and it would always leave my hair so soft and shiny.  People would comment about how good I smelled when I would walk into a room.  They stopped making this shampoo as far as I know, but it anyone knows where to get it, I would really love to stock up again. This shampoo was available in several formulas.  My favorite one was the smooth and silky version.  It was a creamy white shampoo that left my hair so bouncy and full of life.  Sometimes you can find it on sale at places like Big Lots or other close out stores.  I saw it in a 99 cent store one time and bought like 10 bottles of each, the conditioner and the shampoo.  I am currently down to my last few bottles and would really love to find it again, just for the sake of stocking my personal supply back up again. I did notice that it must be kept in a cool place while being stored, or the fragrance does get a bit stale and is not as noticeable after you get out of the shower. 

Toledo, OH


Revlon outrageous

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