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Revlon Vital Radiance Easy Blending Mousse Eye Shadow

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Great for blending or as a base but not enough color alone


While I did like how good this product was for blending other shadows into and as a base under other colors; I didn't care for it on its' own because it doesn't have too much color on its' own. Putting it on in layers didn't help much, I noticed more shimmer but not very much color even in that case so this was a disappointing. I liked the fact that it gripped well so because of that it also made it much easier to layer another color on top and improve the staying power of my cheaper eyeshadows using this under them. I also didn't care as much for the fact that some of the shimmer in it seemed to be in larger chunks than others and these larger pieces would sometimes get into my eyes and cause some irritation. Or else would the shimmer would get stuck in my eyelashes; but in those cases it actually wasn't so bad because then it gave my eyelashes some glitter to them. Removing this was simple; it only took some simple water and light facial cleaner to clean it all off without any dryness or irritation.




Revlon Vital Radiance Easy Blending Mousse Eye Shadow

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