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Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - Wine With Everything Creme #525

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Creamy and Blends well!


Honestly, when I use lipstick, I don't wnat the color to pop out nad change the color of my lip, i want something that will bledn with my lip color so it won't look to bold but they will also ntice that I have some color on my lip. This color matches my lip and it is very creamy when you put it on. i think that the other color are too bright or too dark but I think that this tone of the lip will match with allot of people. It deosn't cost much, about 5-10 dolalrs depending on where you buy it and i think that this is totally worth it when compromising about hte value and the color and the texture that you get. This is a very great product and I use it every day since it is not hat bold and I think that every women should ahve this. This is absolutely my favorite color and I think that it is a very reasonable pricefor it. I use it every single day and I think that well, the texture is very creamy and feels great on my lips. It is also liek matte so its not glossy or anything and it just has this wonderful color.!

Chicago, IL


Revlon Wine with Everything is a great color for the fall


Another wonderful color from Revlon.  This color is very complimentary with any skin tone and looks great with the fall colors.  I've been wearing it over 30 years & still loving it.  Buy two, you'll love it.

Clayton, NC


smooth and rich


Bought the revlon lipstick and i must say i love the smoothness of the lipstick.  It goes on very nice with full rich color, however, it does't last as long as i would hope  ;(  Shame, b/c the color is awesome.  

Windermere, FL


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - Wine With Everything Creme #525

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