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Revlon Stylix 1" Flat Iron

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If your looking to buy a flat iron be selective


When people want straight silky hair they try and do anything they can from permanent straightening to everyday ironing. Flat ironing being more affordable and easy to do at home is getting more popular. When I went to look for my first flat iron i made a huge mistake by not keeping the receipt. I bought a Revlon Stylix from a Sally's store and ended up hating it. The only good thing about this product is that it looks trendy. It also has a self adjusting heat range which barely helps. At first I din't want to burn my hair so I started with a low heat setting. This only made my hair lose volume and still wasn't hot enough to make my hair straight. So I set the heat to a higher level, this time i couldn't touch my hair cause the iron made it so hot but the results were wavy, burnt hair. I would hate for anybody to go through this experience cause it is frustrating plus your money is gone for no good reason.

Denver, CO


Great Flat Iron


It has an adjustable temperature but i always leave it at the highest setting because i have very thick wavy hair.  Best straightener I have ever used.  My hair is too hot to touch by the time it gets to the bottom!  Works great for someone with difficult hair looking to make it strait.

Springport, MI


With the Revlon Stylix, I don't need my daughter to do my hair!


When I went to the wonderful, Melissa for a hair cut, which I badly needed, I gave her full authority on what type of style to give me. She just started cutting and as I saw hair fall around me I thought, " oh my gosh, how will I ever style my hair by myself?" I am not a hair friendly woman. My own daughter started combing and styling her hair at age 7 because I couldn't even create a good looking braid! Sad, this I know so I was really taking a risk by allowing Melissa to cut away knowing that it may take talent to style my new do :) When Melissa was finished cutting my hair, she began to use what I thought was a curling iron. I looked closer and saw that it was flat. I had heard of a flat iron and knew that my daughter and daughter-in-laws used them, but me, never! I told Melissa that I'll never be able to do my hair alone...I was doomed now! A great hair cut that will look terrible because I have no talent for styling. Now for the good news! Melissa showed me how to use the flat iron, then my daughter showed me how along with a few lessons from my daughter-in-laws...slow learner! Plus I'll admit it was fun getting together:) I bought a Revlon Stylix because it had adjustable heat settings, slender in size, easy to hold, and it also had ceramic plates. I don't however, use the highest heat setting because it did give my hair a slight burnt smell. With the practice that I mentioned above I've become a huge fan of this particular flat iron. I get complements on my hair all of the time now! A new me has evolved and I enjoy styling my hair, a news flash for this woman! The heat settings allow me to soften the edges or get a quick straight look. I've learned how to even curl my hair with the Stylix. I would recommend the Revlon Stylix and have to many other woman. Another point of interest about the Stylix is that it wasn't expensive and it gives me the same look as the more expensive model that Melissa used in the salon. HAPPY STYLING!

Sacramento, CA


Only if your hair is already straight!


Got the Revlon Stylix straightener for my sister who failed to mention that the item is a complete dud! It would even heat up hot enough to straighten my thin baby hairs. The plus side is Revlon customer service is totally awesome! They replaced it with a comparable item (which still doesn't work...) but you get what you pay for!

Federal Way, WA


Revlon Stylix flat iron doesn't work


my hair is very thin so i figured any ol' straightner would get the job done. i was wrong. it took my about 5 storkes for one peice off my hair to straighten. i always give up on it and ask my sister to use hers, which takes half the time.

Utica, NY


Revlon Stylix 1" Flat Iron

2.4 5