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Revlon Rv473 Full Size Hair Dryer

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Reliable hair dryer


I am a big fan of Revlon hair products and have used this hair dryer for a number of years.  I like the air pressure (not to much, not to little) and the fact that you can alternate the flow by using a diffuser if you want a more sleek look.  It's light weight and easy to travel with, although if you're really economizing with a small travel bag, an actual "travel size" hair dryer would obviously work better.  I appreciate the length of the chord as well... some of the ones I've used in the past don't allow you to move very far away from the outlet and if you have a deep counter top, this can make things difficult.  Also if you're chasing a rambunctious 5-year-old around the bathroom, it helps to have a little slack.  The heat settings are great as well.  So if I am using it on my kids I can set it to the warm setting or if I have used a curling brush on the heat setting I can set the curl with a final touch on the "cool" setting.

Silverton, OR


Revlon Rv473 1875w Hair Dryer works well


I have had the Revlon Rv473 1875w Hair Dryer for several years now and it has worked very well. It dries my long hair quickly and has two "just right" blowing levels. The heat that it produces is a good temperature to get your hair dried quickly while not being too hot. It also has a nice cool temperature if that is preferred, as well as a Turbo button to give you that extra blowing power when needed. It comes with a hair diffusing attachment to help keep frizzing to a minimum, but I have never needed to use it so I can not accurately review that attachment. The only negative feedback I have for the hair dryer is that the OFF-LOW-HIGH switch is positioned right where my thumb naturally rests when I hold it, and I often accidentally turn it off while using it. Other than the poorly placed switch though, this hair dryer is a good working product. Let me add one note about its performance. The lint filter that is attached to the back of the hair dryer needs to be cleaned semi-regularly otherwise the dryer will tend to over heat and not blow air as well.

Salinas, CA


Revlon light weight hair dryer dries long hair quickly.


I have very long hair and this hair dryer is adequate for drying my hair.  I had a very quiet dryer and it broke and then they did not continue making it anymore.  This was irritating - I had to look  for a new hair dryer.   they are expensive, loud, heavy, and had too many features.  This hair dryer was cheap and lightweight at the basic level i needed.   It wore out quickly and I had to take it back several times.  This was OK because I would go to wall mart and buy one and bring it back the next day and pretend like it was broken and they would give me my money back there fore one hair dryer lasted years.  FInally i got a new version and it is more reliable but it is a revlon.  I would get this hair dryer again if I had to.  I would recommend it two my friends or anyone who has long hair.  It dried my hair in about 10 minutes.  That is pretty fast for a long hair person.  The lightweight body but not tire my arm out.

Charlotte, NC


Revlon Rv473 Full Size Hair Dryer

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