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Revlon Roux Temporary Haircolor Touch-Up Stick, Light Brown

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Roux 'Tween Time is a touch-up I can't live without.


When my sister-in-law, who is a hair stylist, last colored my hair I knew it would be almost 12 weeks before I could get back into that chair.  With some gray roots I was really concerned about how badly my roots would show in that period of time... then she handed me a little stick of Roux 'Tween Time in my shade.  'Tween Time is a "instant haircolor touch-up stick."  You simply moisten the end with water and rub the stick along the roots of your hair.  It is incredibly easy to apply and, with the right shade, blends right into your permanent haircolor.  It does wash out and needs to be re-applied after each shampoo, but the huge benefit to that is that there is no damage to hair from repeated use. I have had the same stick for over a year and there is still 1/4 of the stick left.  I do recommend that you dry the stick by gently blotting it with a paper towel after use.  It prevents the stick from getting mushy.

Summerville, SC


Revlon Roux Temporary Haircolor Touch-Up Stick, Light Brown

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