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Revlon Pinch Me Gel Blush - All Shades (Limited Edition)

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revlon pinch me gel is ok


This Revlon blush is a gel blush that was part of a limited edition collection a while back. I really enjoyed the collection. This gel blush has a pump applicator, which can be an inconvenience because you can pump out more than you need, since you only need a little bit, and that can waste product. It is not too cheap but not too expensive in price. This gel blush by revlon was available in like four to five colors. There is an orangy color, a plum color, and a cherry color that i can remember. I purchased this in the orangy color. This gives a nice translucent sheer hint of color, a great color and brightens your face kinda color. I like it alot, and would give the other colors a try if i could still find them. I think the colors are really fun and interesting. THe whole gel blush was a whole new concept to me, but I enjoyed it, i still have my orangy gel color by revlon, I would repurchase this color as well if I could find it somewhere.

Colton, CA


revlon pinch me gel blush is great


I have the shade Cheeky Cherry of this Revlon pinch me gel blush. I have always used powder blush, and have been a bit weary of any other type of blush, be it cream, so the gel blush was a whole new concept. I was intrigued anyway about trying this gel blush as Iiked the other products from this revlon limited edition collection. I am sad that it is no longer produced and in stores. The gel blush is pretty easy to use, it comes in a clear bottle, i think it is plastic, to get the gel to come out, it pumps out, so you have to pump it to your finger, i do not know if you can pump it on a brush, but i would think that would stain the brush pretty badly. I just use my finger, and wash it off after I apply it to my cheeks. Well after you pump the gel to your finger, it is basically a very bright gel color, you sweep it on your cheeks and blend blend blend! to make sure that it applies nicely to your cheek and not in streaks. I like it, just with the pump would not pump out so much gel.

San Bernardino, CA


Revlon Pinch Me Gel Blush - All Shades (Limited Edition)

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