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Revlon Make a Sheen Lustrous Shadow - Olive It Up

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nice shadow


I have medium skin and bright blue eyes and this shade looked different and I wanted to try some different colors on my lids rather than the shimmer silver and black smoky look that is my go to style for my eyes. I have a hard time finding shadows that are easy to apply and not outrageously priced and that also compliments my skin color and my bright blue eyes. I did like this shadow for several reasons but the color on my skin just looked funny. I think the combo if my skin and eye color just made it not work for me. I think this color would better suit those with darker colored eyes but it just didn't work with my blues. I liked the shadow itself, easy to apply, can be applied with a finger tip, brushes, or a foam tipped applicator. It stayed on long and lasted me all day with little creasing. I think when it did crease it was when I used too much trying to get the color right. I liked the gold color the best. I think it would look great with dark colored eyes and with the smoky style. Lighter colors by the nose and darkening as you work your way out to the outer eye. I ended up giving it to my mom and she did like the color but she is more prone to use browns than I am. Overall a good shadow just not my pick of shades. I reccomend it to those who like these colors because it is a nice shadow.



revlon make a sheen shadow olive it up is cool


i love the presentation of revlon's make a sheen lustrous shadow in olive it up. they have quite a few cute colors to choose from, but i was attracted to olive it up for some reason. This comes in three shades which all kinda blend into each other, it comes in one smallish pan that contains all three eyeshadows. i guess you could blend them all for a nice sweep of color. but so far i have used them individually. you get three strips of color, and some of the strips are larger than the others. The olive it up comes with some nice greens, a lighter and darker greenish colors, and then you get a lighter beigish color that compliments the greens quite nicely. The color payoff is very nice as well. I feel like these last a good amount of time, but they are not really that long lasting. I love the eyeshadow colors, they are really pretty and shimmery. they are not matte i feel. prettyly pigmented. i would recommend to anyone, and to try the other colors as well.

Colton, CA


Shimmer Madness


The Revlon Make A sheen Olive It Up Eye Shadow is a great product that goes on really smooth. It looks really shimmery in its case and looks absolutely gorgeous on you. I really like how the colors are next to each other in a small case. The location of the colors allows you to blend the colors and experiment with different shades and looks each time you use this product. The price is affordable and the eye shadow lasts for a long time. So far I haven't experienced any "melted" looks with this product. It goes on my eyes and stays the way that it looks when I put it on. I was a little disappointed when the pan fell out of its case. The eye shadows are contained in a little metal pan that is encased by the plastic. It happened to fall out once but it was able to stick it back in. It is encased in a portable plastic case so it's great to bring along with you in a cosmetics case or just in your purse.

Alexandria, VA


Revlon Make a Sheen Lustrous Shadow - Olive It Up

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