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Revlon LipGlide Lipcolor - All Shades

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Very good product excelent color


I really love this Lip Glide from revlon it has very good color for a gloss and stays on well . There are  many colors to choose from . I epically liked the easy application  ,you just twist and apply no mess at all . It  works as well as a lip stick but with way more gloss . They also make a lip tint in these for a softer glossy color . Fits very well in a purse the lid stays on very well so no worries about sticky  purse accidents very slim for those evening bags about the size of a chubby pen .


Palm Coast, FL


Revlon lipglide lipcolor is not that great


I was fascinated when I saw these Revlon Lipglide lipcolor applicators. They are long and sleek, and the color of the lipstick is the actual color of the outside applicator, so you know what you get! So I purchased this in a nice red color and was very hopeful about these lipcolors. When I got home I opened it up, they had a clear plastic wrap to keep the makeup hygenically closed from people wanting to test it. The applicator, to get the color out you need to twist it, and the color glides out of the applicator through a white spongy tip. The white spongy tip has little holes, so the color comes out in little bubbles, and you can control how much you want to come out of the top sponge. The color I found to be pretty strong, it is not too sheer or not too strong which is nice. Everything about it is pretty interesting and cool, but I cannot get over one thing which made me dislike this revlon lipglide lipcolor. That is the smell! That ruined it for me.


Colton, CA


nice color


I admit it, I love to buy lipstick. It is an easy thing to purchase to uplift your mood in an instant. I wanted to try this Revlon product because I really love the Revlon brand and I like to try new makeup products anyway. I purchased this in the raspberry color which is a little out of my comfort zone but I really liked this color. It is easy to apply. It is not as moisturizing as other lipsticks but it does what it says: it glides on with ease and the color is nice and sharp. If you do suffer from dry, chapped lips then you might need to add a lip balm with this but if you do it might change the "gliding" quality of the lipstick. I am glad I bought it in the Spring when this is not a problem for me. I would recommend this to others especially with the low price tag that this offers. It is an easy lipstick to keep in your purse because it does not require a lot of preparedness in application.


Clinton, NY


The Revlon Easy Glide smoothly glides onto your lips


I am not a big fan of wearing lipstick, but the Revlon Easy Gide lipstick gives me everything I like.  It is easy to apply as it has a unique applicator.  It has a sponge tip. You twist the tube and it feeds the liquid lipstick up to the tip of the sponge and then you smooth it onto your lips.  It is easy to get a nice even application and to properly outline your lips.  It leaves a shiny moist appearance that does a lot to enhance your lips.  Because it goes on smoothly, you do not need a thick coat to get the coverae you want and to have it look natural.  One of the other things that pleases me is the taste.  It taste's good!  Although you are not supposed to lick your lips and it does cut down on the  time that the lipstick lasts on your lips, I can't seem to resist the impulse to do that so I like something that does not have a bad taste. This lipstick is a good cross between wearing a lipstick, which can be dry, and wearing a lip gloss, which doesn't last at all on my lips.  It is a nice change from the run-of-the-mill lipstick products that are on the market.


Lake Forest, CA


Revlon LipGlide Lipcolor - All Shades

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