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Lip Stain
Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain Plus Balm

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My one essential Beauty product!


This is my favorite make up product I own. It's affordable and lasts a long time. Wether you prefer neutral colors, bright pinks, or reds, It comes in many shades that enhance your natural beauty that will suit your personal style! My favorite is Victorian! It adds color without looking caked on or fake. It doent transfer to glasses and it's totally kiss proof. The color lasts and looks natural. Perfect for everyday use. The moisturizing balm on the opposite end keeps tyour lips soft and kissable w/out being oily. Its the perfect balance of color and moisture. It layers nicely with a sheer or sparkly lipgloss for a more formal/flashy look. I prefer not to use a lipliner with it. I feel like it looks much more natural than most lipsticks. I'm a pretty low maintenance girl, but I love the way this lip stain makes me look and feel. There is always a lip stain pencil in my purse as well as in my makeup bag.



perfect for a little color


This color is nice and natural and adds just enough to define my lips without making me look like i am wearing anything. Otherwise my lips fade into my face. It is a stain, but doesnt last ALL day, and the balm isnt anything special, i usually add my favorite clear lip gloss on top and its perfect.

West Babylon, NY


revlon passion just bitten lipstick


revlon just bitten in passion is a hot pinkish color, or i would say just a strong pinkish color. THese lipstains are quite bright. They come with a conditioning balm on one end, and the lip stain on the other end. The lipstain part is shaped like a sharpie marker, just a felt tip at the end that contains the ink. You apply it like you would a marker. You can make the color stronger by applying an additional layer. I found the moisturiser to be moisturising. BUt i did not feel like it changed the lipstain at all, like it did not add a shine, a shimmer or anything, or make it look smoother. I feel the stain did not apply evenly. I was not that happy with this revlon lipstain. I have bought and quite liked another revlon lipstain they released a couple of years before that came in a rollerball type of application, i can see how this lipstain marker application can be morfe convenient, but it just did not work for me.

Colton, CA


Just Bitten, good buy


With my previous experience with lipstains, I wasn't looking for another one. However, people have recommended Revlon Just Bitten to me so I decided to try it out. It's just like the Covergirl lipstain(which I hated by the way), it has a marker-like applicator. Goes on very matte and makes your lips look and feel dry. The difference is that on the opposite side of the applicator they added a lip balm to go over the stain. That actually went on over the stain very well. Didn't smear the color and actually made my lips soft. So with that one addition it changed my opinion from negative to positive. It has a fair amount of colors to choose from but I wish they had more. The color doesn't smear onto the balm and there is a good sized amount that seems like it will last the lfe of the stain. I went out and bought another one so  was pretty happy with it. If it didn't have the balm however, I think I would have a more negative review. Since it did what it claimed to do and I was happy with it enough to buy more I have to give it 4 stars.

Phoenix, AZ


very pretty lipstain!


i like revlons just bitten lipstain! it smells pleasant, the color is nice, the balm isnt sticky and its a good price. only complaint is that you don't get much balm. they could make some major improvements there. have it twist up or something. but overall good product! doest dry up fast like covergirls lipstains!

Salem, OR


Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain Plus Balm

3.8 5