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Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow - Not Just Nudes

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Long lasting color, annoying application


I have been looking for this kind of eye shadow for awhile, especially in non crazy colors. I have noticed actresses wearing it and it really adds definition to their eyes. A few things: I LOVE the colors that are in this particular palette. You can go as light and as dark as you would like. Easy to switch from day to night time wear. My biggest complaint? There is no applicator and no easy way to apply besides using your fingers. I thoroughly wash my fingers each time I apply this. But., I fear cross contamination as well as bacterial growth. I put one finger and apply the lid color to each eye and then I switch to another finger and apply the crease color. I have tried using a stiff brush for the crease color but the shadow clings to it. It didn't come with an applicator or instructions so I have no idea what the manufacturer intended. So I recommend it for the great color but try and figure out a good way to apply it .


Tomball, TX


This illuminance creme color makes my eye color pop out


I love this item because it does wonders for my eyes.  I love how sparkly and creamy the shades are.  When I have applied it I notice my eye color pops out and my lashes look fabulous against the color.  It's affordable, easy to apply, easy to remove.  I really love it and recommend it!


Salt Lake City, UT


Love it


I really enjoy this product. I was hesitant to give cream shadows another go as when they first came out and I tried them I found them to cake and rub off. Not so now with these newer products. They stay on nicely and last. My only complaint is that my favorite of the shades is almost gone. I wish I could buy just one large quantity of a specific shade. These colors creat for a nice natural look. For drama I will add a dark liquid eyeliner which gives a dramatic dun eye make up look. This Rose in "Titanic" I loved her classic eye make up look and these shades help me create that.


Bellville, OH


Looks great on everyone!


Revlon Illuminance Creme shadow is one of the best eye shadows I have ever worn. It stays put and doesn't run, yet goes on smooth and blends well. The color palette is amazing. My sister actually introduced me to this shadow. I didn't think I would look good in it because her skin is very olive toned and mine is fairly reddish. I have really light hair and hers is fairly dark. She has always worn much more flamboyant make-up that looks clown-ish on my skin. However, as soon as I tried it, I fell in love! The colors highlight my pale skin and glisten on hers. Knowing this, I actually recommended the product to one of my friends with darker skin and now she loves it too! The combination of color and shine highlight any skin/eye color combination. This product is truely a versitile find! If you have difficulty finding shadow colors that look great on you, look no further. This is your product!


Hyattsville, MD


I have used almost all theRevlon Cream Eye shadowpalettes.


I am a mature woman and I use cream eye shadows exclusively because they don't seem to settle into fine lines on my eyelids. The Revlon Cream eyeshadow palettes come in a variety of colors, so you have a choice for every occasion.  I have a tendency to use earth tones, so the colors in this particular pallette work well for me. I also find thecream to be easier to use (no brush or applicator) and the price is quite reasonable.  


Nicholasville, KY


Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow - Not Just Nudes

4.4 5