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Revlon Fabulash Mascara

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it's about that brush! they hype the fabulash brush as if it's an advantage when it's really a gross DISadvantage. i have thin, fine, kinda sparse lashes. just the kind of thing mascara is meant to remedy. and most mascaras do work for me. not this stuff! there is no way to get the mascara on my lashes except to run the brush across them horizontally. even then, when i start to stroke upwards again, it takes forever to get the mascara to build. i still had some of my old mascara, l'oreal telescopic (and before you ask, i bought the revlon stuff because i was in a hurry and didn't see telescopic in the drugstore) and i didn't want to just throw the revlon out, so i built my lashes with telescopic (which i love, by the by) and was able to add with the fabulash. without this little assist, there would have been no traction to apply fabulash. they should call it crapulash. it's not worth the price, no matter how little you spend. this brush has one other disadvantage, speaking of pointlessness. with tiny outer and inner lashes, it helps to be able to accurately aim the tip of the brush at the corners of the eye. this brush is so chunky and collects so much mascara at its end, it has to be wiped a bit. even then, some practice is required to make use of the bulkiness. spend your money on something else.

Memphis, TN


Don't Even Bother.


     I am an avid coupon shopper, so I get the opportunity to try all kinds of different "drug store" make-up at almost no cost.   When I first opened the  **Revlon Fabulash Mascara  **I was instantly disappointed!   I could hardly believe that the mascara was clumping the very first application!   I should have guessed that it was not going to be a good choice of mascara when I saw the shape of the brush.  The bristles are widely spread, so it will automatically clump together your lashes.         I have found that just about anything I try from Revlon has been disappointing to say the least.  Numerous times I have had to contact the company to complain about the amazingly poor quality of their products, and the only good thing I have to say is their customer service is great!   They are always very accomodating by reimbursing me for the bad product.   But I probably won't be wasiting their time any time soon.****

Temecula, CA


have tried it


This products comes in a number of different colors. So you can find just the right color for you. This mascara also does not clump when applied. It last all day long and does not rub off. The price is nice on the pocket book as well. I would recommend this product.

Russiaville, IN


not a very good waterproof mascara.


The Revlon Fabulash mascara is not very waterproof as it states. I purchased this product instead of my usual brand because it was on sale as a buy one get one free for all Revlon products at my local drug store, and I wanted to try something different. I am very disappointed in the Revlon Fabulash brand mascara. It is not very waterproof because when I use it the mascara doesn't stay on very well. It tends to run off my lashes and leave a black mark under my eyes.It is not nice to look in the mirror and see a black smudge under your eyes Especially if you are out shopping or at work or something. It also just doesn't feel good on my lashes, and I do not care for the way that it goes on my lashes. I haven't had this problem with other brands of mascara. I will go back to my usual brand that I know works well. As for the other products that Revlon makes, I can't say how they are because I don't usually use this brand of make up.

Las Vegas, NV


This product should not be on the shelves.


I use several Revlon products but will not use any of the mascaras, including this "Fabulash."  Every time I have bought it, it works well for the first few uses.  After a few uses, it is so "gloppy" when I pull it out of the tube that you can ot even see the ribbing on the brush.  I have tried it several times but will not buy it again.  I was quite disappointed and surprised because, as I mentioned earlier, I feel that all of Revlon's other make-up products are of superior quality and value.  For some reason, the mascara is the only thing that they cannot get right.  In all fairness, I also feel that way about other well-known make-up lines.  I suppose that I am going to have to go back to a more expensive but much superior mascara found in the department stores.  I like a mascara that is light but also separates and lengthens.  Fabulash is so clumping that my eyes actually hurt for a while after I put it on.

Palatine, IL


ok, not fabulous


This mascara is fine, not spectacular. I hate the brush, it is weird and makes the mascara go on clumpy.  If you use an alternate brush you will do fine.  Anyway, the formula is good and if you like the brush than you probably will enjoy the mascara.  It works better than a lot of generic brands.

Missoula, MT


It really sucks!


I bought this when my previos mascara ran out.  I'm wasn't too thrilled with the results of the last stuff and thought I'd try something new.  I should have stuck with what was working.  The Fabulash clumps like no mascara I've ever used before and the applier is crap.  I wanted to demand my money back but it's not worth my time and energy to go through the process.  All in all, it really sucks and I wouldn't buy it.

American Fork, UT


Runs like in a marathon


Revlon, Fabulash Mascara - Waterproof, sucks.  It clumps. It runs.  It isn't waterproof and I don't like it.  Within ½ an hour most of it is down to my nose, and I look like Alice Cooper, which isn't a nifty party trick unless it's 1970.  I bought it because it was on sale (damn!) and I am now just going to have to buy something else. As the song goes, I'm 18 ( well, let's say slightly over 18) and I *do* know what I want.  Thanks Revlon Fabulash Mascara, but no thanks.

Chicago, IL


Revlon Fabulash Mascara

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