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Revlon Creme de la Chrome Lip Gloss - All Shades

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Nice intense color


This lip gloss has a very intense and very pretty color. Sadly though it has a bit of a perfumed smell to it that I find a bit bothersome. It looks very unforgiving to dry lips so I suggest a chap stick under it. It also has a very thick texture but its not sticky and I kinda like how it feels.



revlon creme de la chrome lip gloss is strange


I found this revlon creme de la chrome lip gloss to ba a bit tacky. I guess it did give a warning with the name chrome in it. but i was initially intrigued. I like the container, and i did like how the gloss looked like in the container, I do give it points, because there is actually no other gloss quite like it. There are a few colors to choose from. There are reds and pinks. I got this in the pinkish color. It is a very shiny, its like a patent looking gloss, which sounds weird in describing it. Its super shimmery. I just found it to be too overpowering. I did not like wearing this on my lips, it was just too weird. It was a bit garish looking, not cool at all. It was very unflattering, i do not think it could look good on anyone. There were other colors, but they looked just as bad and chrome ish as this one. I liked other products from this revlon collection, but i guess like nay collection, there are your hits and misses, and this was definitely a miss.

Colton, CA


Revlon Creme de la Chrome lip stick stays on lips.


I actually thought this lipstick/lip gloss was nice until I read the reviews. They kind of made me think. I have a dark pink color. Yes, when I put it on my lips, it does look strange. It's way too dark and it is thick. I try to dab a little on my lips. It still seems to be too much. I end up wiping a lot off, and putting a different lipstick on to blend with it. It does stay on lips. That's for sure. I think the container that it comes in looks so fancy that it made me think I was getting something fancy. These reviews have made me realize that this is not convenient when I have to dab plus wipe off to lighten the color. On top of that, blend another lipstick. I don't even think the store sells this anymore where I got it. That says a lot! I only got this because I got a deal on it. I don't think I would purchase this type again, although I love other revlon lipsticks. I believe if it came out lighter and less, more people would like it.

Wilmington, NC


I feel like a walking advertisement in a good way


Unlike the other reviewer of this product, I have had all positive experiences with this product. I have the Racy Ruby and the Razzle Dazzle colors.  I feel like a walking advertisement! Love them both, but the Racy Ruby is more me.  I'm not kidding when I say that 9 out of every 10 times that I wear, someone compliments me and most of the time wants to purchase it.  Unfortunately, it was a limited edition where I purchased it, so I now have to find it on eBay when I want more.  It is beautiful, shiny, applies well, smells yummy (my daughters keep asking me to smell it each time I open the container).  I have also found that it stays on a fairly long amount of time.  I have to refresh it after a meal.  My only complaint then is if I have something a bit greasy, it has bled.  It is not enough to stop me from wearing it though.  Whoever thought of this product was genius!! I have also used the chrome nailcolor.  It is awesome as well.  By the way, I am wearing the Razzle Dazzle today and it is making me smile thinking how pretty it looks in the sunshine!!

Hopkins, MN


Revlon Creme de la Chrome Lip Gloss - All Shades

3.5 4