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Revlon Colorstay 12 Hour Eyeshadow, 320 Sandstorm

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Revlon Colorstay well above average.


I have been wearing revlon Colorstay 12 Hour eye Shadow for quite some time now. I purchased it on sale at my local department store. I have a few of the different color combinations,but I especially love this one. The colors in this are very natural and do not look too heavy or dense. They go on smoothly and also evenly. I use my finger to lightly blend them. For day, I stick to just one of the colors,but for evening, I blend a couple of the colors together. I find it is a natural and highlighting look for day-time and a more dramatic look for evening. They have great staying power. I am not sure about a full twelve hours, though. I usually do have to refresh it a bit,as I do with all my eyeshadows. but, I would say that it does stay on longer than most eyeshadows. I especially like the way it highlights my eyes. As for value, this is a little mor expensive than most department store brands. I have caught it on sale and have often found coupons for it. I  

In Upstate, NY


R. Clrst. 12 Hr E.Sh. is a shadow a woman can count on all day.


I have blue eyes and the shades of this shadow enhance and draw out the color of my eyes.  The different tones in the package blend naturally together. I like to use the lightest shade under my brows, darker shade on my lids, and the darkest shade as a subtle outline.  The palette of this sandstorm shade blends so nicely. There's no sharp outline between the colors.  The shadow has a very light feel and stays on throughout the day. I have a tendency to rub my eyes and this shadow can even stand up to that. This shadow is great for someone who likes that *natural *look.

Omaha, NE


Revlon Colorstay 12 Hour Eyeshadow, 320 Sandstorm

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