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Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eyeshadow Quad - Sterling Rose

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Revlon colorstay Eyeshadow quad 12 hour


**Oh I just love this quad by Revlon because it stays on for up to 12 hours after you apply it on your eyes the first time and it will not come off as fast like some other brands that will come off the first 2 hours of applying it to your eyes.** **I like these colors in this quad because my skin tone is medium and the pinks and light colors just set off my sky blue eyes and looks so cute with a black eye liner to pair it up with the eye shadows in this Revlon quad.** **Revlon eye quads are higher stanards quality and I will pay a bit more for the better peoducts if they are worth it and to me this quad is well worth it and I will keep buying it over and over again.** **I always buy this Rose quad and seem to run out of the pinks fast because I just adore them but some times I buy the baby blue quads and they are awesome too.With blue eyes I find these work best to bring out my eyes and skin tones.**But even the light mocha and brown colors can look sexy as well. I just try all colors in the Revlon quads and stick with the lighter colors and it seems to work well.The Revlon quads do not flake off the brush or the quad itself and they smooth on even and you only have to use a small amount to look cute for the day or night. The quads are priced just right and the quality you get from them is awesome and well worth the money by far.The eye shadow stays on your eyes not all over your cloths like some brands will flake off onto your clothing. But you will never have that problem with Revlon products they use the highest materials that are safe to use no matter what age you are.Revlon quads are not greasy and comes off when you wash them off.

Sioux Falls, SD


Simply and Beautifully Perfect


I could not be happier with Revlon Color Stay 12 Hour Eye Shadow!  This is one eye color that delivers on its promise! I've tried many "all-day" eye colors before, but always had the creasing issue with them.  Within a few hours, the make-up would seem to pile into the crease and just looked ugly.  Not so with Revlon Color Stay!  Seriously, for 12 hours this make-up was simply perfect.  No creasing, no oiliness, no build-up...just lovely!  And the Sterling Rose color is stunning.  I love it! One especially nice aspect of this eye color is that I don't have to touch it up throughout the day.  I'm a busy mom with six kids and my hands are always busy.  I simply don't have time to maintain my make-up all day.  But with Revlon Color Stay, my eye shadow is something I can forget about for the whole day and trust that it's looking just as great as when I put it on.  I usually remove my make-up early in the evening, about 12-13 hours after applying it in the morning.  When I remove this eye color, it still looks as great as when I first applied it.  I haven't tested this theory yet, but I'm betting that it would look great for even longer than 12 hours.  I highly recommend it to other busy women who don't have time to keep checking their make-up all day.

Pineville, LA


The name doesn't lie, color stays put, no creasing


i have not used eye shadow much up until the past 2 years. When I found Revlon colorstay eye shadow I fell in love! The put the colors together for you so you don't have to try to think what would look good together. This is a great way to get that "smoky eye" look. The sterling rose is my favorite with my coloring because it wears well with any outfit. In the past I haven't likes wearing eye shadow because it felt heavy on my eyes and after a couple hours it would feel greasy and get creased and I felt like I had to continually be wiping my eyelids to wipe away the creases. I tried Revlon 12-hour eye shadow because I like the colors and how they were coordinated and I think it was on sale. The first time wearing it I couldn't believe how much I like it. It does not crease, just like they say. The colors blend so well together too. And it does not feel heavy nor greasy over time. I recommend it to friends and can't wait to try more colors.

Dalton, MN


Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eyeshadow Quad - Sterling Rose

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