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Revlon ColorSilk Root Perfect

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awesome root coverage


I love this for my roots that have grown in to my natural color, super easy formula that has great shades and that when i use the root perfect, it matches the hair color that i dyed my hair originally. doesnt damage my hair, and smells good. Leaves my hair feeling smooth and soft after i use it.




A miracle in a bottle!


I had been wanting to utilize a root touchup product for some time now. My shoulder length hair is becoming extremely damaged from my constant hair coloring. The greys are becoming more and more pronounced and within two weeks I am seeing not only the greys but my roots showing through as well. Finally I saw that Colorsilk offered a root touch up I had to try it. The application process was beyond easy and the color match to my hair was spot on. This will certainly become a part of my beauty routine Effectiveness This added four to six weeks on to the life of my color. I noticed a distinct difference in the texture of my hair with not having to color it as often. This covered the greys superbly and blended in my natural color to the dyed hair. I use the dark brown Colorsilk color and the same color root color matches up perfectly. Ease of Application The applicator brush allows for precision application. There were no drips or plops of color dripping on my skin.




Revlon Color Silk,super inexpensive, great product, color stays!


This product is great! I have long hair and have to color it every 3 months or so and use 2 boxes of coloring. The L'oreal brand is 4 times the price and the last time I dyed my hair brown/black the color had almost completely faded after a month. keep in mind I do not have oily hair so I wash it every two or three days. This product is much cheaper and the color does not fade. You have to do small touch ups at the root but not the whole head again, which means I only have to buy one box next time instead of two. When you add it all up it is so worth it. Someone had told me that the tip of the hair tends to dry with this product and that is why it was so much cheaper. I noticed my tips dry for maybe a couple of weeks, but after that my hair was super healthy, strong and shiny again, and I did not have to buy additional conditioning products. I highly recommend this product if you have normal hair.


Hollywood, FL


wrong product. I like this one


ALthough the applicator is not bad, THE product does not disperse well AFTER the 10 minutes..I STILL HAVE A GREAY hairline. SO second time of spending the outraegous cost, I LEFT it on longer, STILL had the gray hairline... BOUGHT COLORSILK by NICE and EASY....PERFECTION!!   YOUR root perfect product STINKS! I spent over 11 bucks for no results, SPENT 3.00 for COLORSILK I am in heaven


Plainfield, IL


From a woman who knows about roots!


For those who've tried every at-home permanent haircolor variety, for the price, Revlon is a choice you can make in confidence.  I tried another un-named hair color, which cause my hair to turn a very unattractive color of ORANGE.  Yes, not red, auburn, or even a slight maroon...ORANGE.  This exact color of Revlon saved my world!  And it was the least expensive brand I found at my local retailer.  For those who want to try or "repair" in confidence, I highly recommend this brand!


Green Bay, WI


Revlon ColorSilk Root Perfect

4.0 5