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Revlon Ceramic Curling Iron 1.5"

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Not hot enough


It is hard to find a curling iron with all the different types that do different things out there. Revlon Ceramic when it gets hot the whole barrel feels hot. Not sure if the Ceramic is a good idea as it does not work well against my hair. Leaves my hair lifeless instead of with curls that come out naturally looking. I like the chrome metal better in my opinion. The only good feature about this device is that it turns off automatically within an hour so you do not have to worry if you forget to turn it off. A good safety feature to have. This curling iron does not allow the curls to stay in my hair as long as other curling iron and this product does not endure for long period, I think I have had this for a year and it went out on me, and usually I have curling irons for at least 5 years.

La Crescenta, CA


Good results, but does not last long.


Overall good, but barrel comes loose from handle. It has happened to me on the last 2 curling irons I purchased from Revlon. Once the barrel becomes loose, you cannot use the iron. Each of the last 2 I purchased lasted less than a year before the barrel came loose.

Myrtle Beach, SC


Cheap, bad quality


This straightening iron does not work on  my hair. However, if you have easy to work with hair and do not plan on straightening much, (maybe if you just plan on straightening your bangs) this one's for you. It is inexpensive but not a good straightener at all. If you simply need something to help you decrease your frizz or insane volume, this would work! However if you actually want straight hair that lasts throughout the day, I would not recommend this. You would have to spend a little more for better flat irons, such as the Chis. This straightening iron makes your hair static if it is dry, and it especially starts sticking to my clothes in the winter. In the summer, the heat makes my hair curl up right after I straighten it using this flat iron. That never happens with my other better quality irons. The humidity really gets to the hair, even if I use product in it. Hence, I would not recommend this flat iron to anybody that acutally wants lasting stick straight hair.

La Jolla, CA


Inexpensive curler.


Revlon's Ceramic Curling Iron gets the job done. I perfer the ceramic curling iron to their regular metal plate curling iron. It just seems to get the job done better and faster. I see the bad reviews of this product here on this site and I really can't say I agree. In my experience, because I have the most stubborn hair in the world, my hair won't curl or stay curled without some heavy duty hairspray. You should consider this when buying any curling iron. To think your hair will stay curly when it's not naturally curly is not very realistic. Then again, I don't know what kind of hair type you or anyone else may have. I just know that this curling iron is efficient for me and I enjoy it. You can control how hot it gets and after a certain amount of time it starts to cool down by itself if you happen to leave it on but are not using it. The best part about thiscurling iron is that it's one of the cheapest curling irons out there.

Langhorne, PA


Revlon Ceramic Curling Iron 1.5"

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