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Revlon Beyond Natural Cream to Powder Eyeshadow - All Shades

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What could be better than when you are in a hurry or just want to unclutter your life and you find the ultimate natural looking makeup palette? Such a palette would allow you to quickly apply your makeup and out the door you go looking fabulous! Isn't that a wonderful idea? I thought it was, so I bought Revlon Beyond Natural Cream to Powder Eyeshadow. **Product Details** Housed in a brown toned container with a see through hinged top, this palette of eyeshadows comes in a variety of combinations of skin tones from light to pretty pigmented. The tops of the shadows have a wavy imprint on them, and quite frankly, the colors are very attractive. **Product Performance** I could not wait to put my new palette on my eyes. I carefully figured out which look would be best and then I applied my shadow according to plan. Well, I tried to anyway. The pans of shadow were not as soft as I had hoped and I found a couple of the colors to be a bit hard and somewhat difficult to put on the brush/applicator. I did manage to get them on, and after working harder than I intended to on my the application (over an eyeshadow primer base), I finally got the shadow where I wanted it to be. I didn't look bad at all- until my eyes started to turn bright red and burn so badly that I ran to take off the shadow! **The Bottom Line** Due to issues with hard chalky texture, difficulty in application and the downright PAIN associated with this eyeshadow palette, I returned it to the store. No makeup at all is better than using this horrible thing! I still see these for sale at various places around from time to time, and I would suggest you see if there is a good return policy before you try, or if you get a good enough price, be willing to throw it away if necessary.

Podunk, NY


Not a bad eye shadow, nothing really special


I bought this Revlon Beyond Natural Cream to Powder Eye Shadow on a day when I really had no intention of buying any makeup products. First of all, I'm not a makeup expert by any stretch and I generally do not spend much money on makeup unless it's a brand to which I'm incredibly loyal. I simply decided to try this out because I unexpectedly had coupons for Revlon products and would basically end up getting a few products for free. This particular product had a nice color selection - I think I chose one that included something like "plum" or "plumberry." I liked the fact that it didn't look like just a thin, powdery eye shadow that would rub off with any kind of moisture. And on this occasion, the product was marked on sale for 75% off. Sure, I'll take it! For what I paid - basically nothing - I am satisfied. The colors look decent, and the amount should last a while. But I agree with the opinion that it kind of stinks that you are supposed to apply it with your fingers. Who wants to get their fingers all stained with makeup when you're getting ready in the morning and (usually) short on time? And I guess it stays on well enough, but it still comes off fairly easily. All in all, not bad if you don't pay too much for it and aren't too picky when it comes to makeup.

Raleigh, NC


Revlon Beyond Natural is a great buy and a good product.


I like to wear natural looking makeup. Revlon's Beyond Natural Cream to Powder Eye Shadow helps me accomplish the "au natural" look very quickly. I do not have to stumble around with an applicator brush to apply it. I just use my fingers and it glides on quickly and smoothly. The color combinations are also very well packaged. My favorite is the Plumberry Prune. The shades allow me to either go for a "smokey" look or a "light & bright" refreshed look. The price tag is also nice! I have found this product readily available at most stores so I do not have to worry about it being out when I am low on supplies. I would have to say though - after a few hours of wearing the shadow, it tends to rub off or clump up in the crease of your eye. But I can go maybe 4 to 5 hours with it looking great and not having to touch it up. All in all - for the price, the colors, the quality, I would suggest adding this to your beauty stash!

Conway, SC


Revlon Beyond Natural Cream to Powder Eyeshadow is just OK


Well, I purchased the RELVON BEYOND NATURAL CREAM to POWDER EYESHADOW is Spice a couple of weeks ago because it was on sale at my local CVS. Just like the name, the product is has a very creamy consistency. It does not come with an applicator but I don't mind because I like to use my fingers. The colors on the pallete are very pretty but let me warn you that the color you see is not what you get. I have a pretty fair complexion and when I apply the eye shadow not much appears on my eyelid. Mind you, the product is called "beyond natural" but it truly is pretty natural looking because you don't get too much color. However, one positive thing is that it is very easy to apply. The creamy texture allows for easy application. If you are looking for a very very natural look, this eyeshadow is for you. One other con about this eyeshadow is that is tends to smudge after a few hours. I don't mind blending the product over my eyes after a couple of hours but then if I don't reapply more you really can't see much. I don't think I would repurchase this product unless it goes on sale again.

Monrovia, CA


Wonderful colors!


I bought the Buff (500) color palette from the Beyond Natural Cream Eyeshadow Quad. The colors are a cream, taupe, dark brown, and ivory. The colors are absolutely perfect. The only problem is that I've discovered that eye shadow made by Revlon is harder to apply. It doesn't smooth on as easily but smudges more. My eyelids would be described as normal and not oily, so I'm not sure why this is a problem. On the back of the container, however, there are instructions as to where each color goes which I think is incredibly helpful. One of the colors is for all-over, one for the crease, lash line, and eye lid. I think this is a very nice feature. I wonder if each of these eye shadows are made slightly different to perform their various functions.  That would be nice to know. I got this shadow on clearance so it was inexpensive. I would rate this eyeshadow as slightly pricey, but still affordable. 

Charlotte, NC


Revlon Beyond Natural Eye Shadow is a nice mutli-tasker


I purchased Revlon Beyond Natural Cream to Powder Eye Shadow in Buff. I don't carry much make-up in my purse, but this little square case always goes with me because it's a multi-tasker. I liked the color quad selection in this - it pretty much covers all the colors you need for a quick make-up do in taupe/cream shades. The lightest cream shade is a nice highlighter and concealer, but it works pretty well as an eye shadow primer too, if you want to add some powdered eye shadow. This quad is plently to complete ou look- but some of us like to play. Oh, but the best of this quad is its fantastic use for eyebrows. I have not found anything, ever, that does as well as this and the colors included in the Buff quad would suit anyone. I just use a small brush or sponge swab to fill in my brows and it colors and tames at once with the most amazing natural look. Very generous package- will last forever- no kidding. Just wish they had included an applicator in the case- you have to provide your. I have plenty of brushes and applicators, but a little inclusive one would be good for on the go.

Centerville, MA


Revlon BeyondNatural Cream to Powder Eye Shadow is great for day


 I use this shadow alot during the day because it looks so natural. It's very subtle. I apply it with my fingers. It's easy to blend and leaves room for error. A four year old could probably apply it with good results. It last pretty well but can get in the crease of your eyelid if you put it on too thick.

Colonial Heights, VA


Revlon Beyond Natural Cream to Powder Eyeshadow - All Shades

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