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Revlon Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator - All Shades


Our beauty divas really like Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation. This light to medium coverage liquid foundation has a unique brush applicator that doesn't streak or over apply the product.Coverage is good, although Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation isn't a full coverage makeup. Our reviewers say they get a nice sheer look or can build to medium coverage to hide age spots, uneven skin tone, and blemishes. The silky formula impresses, the SPF 18 protects, and the drugstore price is welcome! Comparing foundations? We have reviews of all brands and formulas for you to read.

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revlon age defying spa face illuminator is awesome


There was an open container of this in the store, i do not think it was a tester, because i have never seen testers of revlon cosmetics, but i tried this and liked it so much, i purchased a cointainer. The price was nice, not too crazy. I bought this in a bronzy color, and i was just speechless, and stunned! it was absolutely gorgeous! it had the most beautiful shimmer i had ever seen! It was so subtle but yet strong at the same time! it is hard to explain. It is not overpowering, but it has a strong shimmer, without being clowny or cheap looking. What i did not like was the applicator. It was bulky, and i do not know how one could wash this between applications. Also i do not know if i could wear this all over my face, i guess i am just a bit self conscious about wearing it all over my face, but i prefer it as a highlighter. I would recommend this to anyone, everyone should have it in their makeup bag, it adds glam! to your look.

San Bernardino, CA


Another cosmetic crock...


Do not bother with this product unless you are a light make-up user because this gets to be messy and a waste of time after the first use. The formula is fairly decent IF you find it in a shade that works for you. Good luck because it is extermely limited on the selection side. The brush is supposed to help it flow on properly, but you can really do a good job without it. Things can get really messy if the applicator brush dries out and you want to clean it or it becomes caked for whatever reason. It seems like product with glitter or shimmer tends to dry even faster. Not sure if that just happens to me or there is something to that. It does fit nicely into the hand, but that does you no good if the brush becomes too congested. You can always pop it open and use it that way. You might even get it on faster and control it a bit better going old school with the application technique. Pass this up and try something else.

Stafford, TX


Revlon Age Defying Face Illuminator - sparkly


The product brushes on and it takes a little to get used to the flow without dispensing too much.  It is supposed to reflect light to conceal flaws but it falls short of this goal.  It makes your face somewhat sparkly which is fine if you are going out to a club but for daily use and in daylight, the only way it conceals flaws is if people are trying to figure out why you are so sparkly.  The sparkle also seems to distort the color somewhat.  I did like the brush dispenser once I finally found out how to dispense the product more evenly.  The price was average for drugsstore brands which is fine if you are purchasing it for evening use but it is still a great deal of money to waste if the intended use is only for daytime use.  The sparkly nature of the makeup also makes it more suited for younger women than older women.  After trying it for a week I found myself in search of yet another new brand. 

Oklahoma City, OK


Revlon Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator is...just OK.


I got a great deal on the Revlon Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator awhile back and thought I would give this product a try.  I intially had a little trouble trying to figure out which shade matched my skin tone and sadly, even when I got the product home, I was still probably a shade or two too dark.  I was happy with how the product felt.  It was a little thinner than what I usually prefer.  The smell is pleasant, but not something I loved.  I totally don't get why their is a brush that you have to squeeze the foundation out of.  It doesn't make much sense to me to use the brush to apply the foundation to my skin.  It's kinda annoying that the foundation has to squeeze through the brush.  I do like that you can switch the container to "on" and "off."  It helps to keep the foundation from squeezing out when you don't want it to!  I'm not quite sure what this product was really supposed to do.  I don't quite get the "age defying" part of it. I'm only 30 and have fine wrinkles, but I didn't notice any difference in coverage.

Grand Rapids, MI


Revlon's spa foundation is great for the mom or woman on the go!


My mother in-law gave me my first tube of this foundation and I feel in love with it.  As a mom of two small boys it is a great product that goes on fast and smooth.  I like to have my make up done and anything that helps cut time is perfect for me.  They have numerous colors so you can match your skin tone with out trouble.  I have suggested it to numerous friends of mine and they went right out and bought it.  Thank you Revlon for making great products for the woman on the go.

Franklin, NC


Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation hides flaws (not too heavy)


Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation provides excellent coverage.  It takes care of the dark circles and other imperfections without being cakey or heavy.  For daytime I don't use a separate concealer, with this foundation I just put a little extra around the eyes and I'm fine.  Also, I'm starting to get some little wrinkles around my eyes and this foundation does not sink into them like some of the heavier ones do.  The packaging is unique.  It comes in a plastic tube and the foundation is dispense through a brush on the end.  Although it was not something I was used to I have found it to be very convenient.  I apply directly to my skin from the brush but you could still apply from the brush to a sponge or make up applicator if you prefer.  It is excellent for travel since the tube is plastic and you can turn the brush to an "off" setting so it does not leak.  There is a cap over the brush to keep any make up that may be left on there fresh.

Concord, NC


Best stuff EVER!!!!


I am using the bare light shade in the face illuminator and it is amazing!  I have tried many many foundations and this by far is the best.  I love the applicator, the light coverage!  It is moisturizing which makes it convenient to apply.  I would highly reccomend this to young and old!

Madison, TN


Great foundation, dislike applicator.


The Revlon Age Defying foundation is the best that I have used outside of expensive designer brands.  The moisturizer makes my face feel soft and smooth.  It doesn't cake up or leave lines around my neck and I was able to match the color of my skin seemlessly.   I really dislike how you have to apply the foundation.  It has a brush on the end that you have to squeeze the foundation in to and brush on your face.  The one I purchased actually had a slice on the side of the plastic packaging so it squirts out the side each time.  Much too much comes out of the brush for each application as well. A little of the foundation goes a long way for me so having the brush makes me use alot more of the product than I normally would use.   I wish that I could get the same foundation in a different container so that I use as little or as much of the foundation as I want without waisting so much of it. 

Mesa, AZ


Best light to medium coverage foundation!


Revlon is my favorite brand so when I saw Revlon's Age Defying Spa foundation I decided to give it a try.  I had recently gotten my first fine lines so I was ready to try an anti-aging foundation.  At first I didn't understand the built-in brush concept but as soon as I used it I loved it!  It helps distribute the foundation evenly for better coverage without having to use a cosmetic sponge.  This is the smoothest feeling foundation at application I have ever used, and it feels very light and flexible on your skin even after several hours.  It also helps cover light acne so it's perfect for those who often break out.  And it doesn't clog up pores so it won't cause break-outs or make them worse.  It's easy to remove, even my regular cleanser takes it off without needing to use make-up remover.  My only complaint is they do not make it in a light enough shade for my skin tone, but other than that I love this foundation!

Keokuk, IA


Love the brush and the coverage


First, I must confess....I did not buy this product. (I rarely buy foundations from stores!) It was passed on to me by a friend who brought the wrong shade and didn't love the brush style applicator. Much to my surpise I found this to be a good foundation. It did not cake up, the coverage was great for me, and the brush applicator was easy to use. I enjoyed the ease of not having to use a seperate sponge or my fingers to apply. However, the applicator is not the best for working into the under eye area, It may take some women a bit to get the hang of the applicator, but once done...it's hard to opt for the traditional bottle of foundation. My only complaint is that I didn't realize untill the tube was nearly empty, that you can swivel the top from open to closed. That helps to keep the product from leaking from the tube into the lid. Again, if I had discovered this when I first began using the product I would not have had such a messy tube of makeup! This foundation was a positive find for me. Although another confession, when I went to replace it, I opted for a cheaper brand and wish I had not.

Durant, OK


Revlon Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator - All Shades

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