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Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara

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Take the good, take the bad, put em together & get this mascara.


***Quick View:*** A sale. A mascara addict. Need I say more? This mascara makes huge claims. I expected to hate it but I don't! It certainly doesn't live up to the crazy claims but it's decent - with a few drawbacks.***About Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara Black*** I think I bought this JUST because the claims were so outrageous that I wanted to debunk them. Revlon says this mascara will create dramatic lashes with extreme fullness, curl, and length. But it doesn't stop there! I am supposed to have 25 times fuller lashes (25 times!), 70% curvier, and 80% visibly longer lashes. Oh, COME ON! No mascara on earth does that and I should know. I think I have tried them all! There are good and bad about this mascara. First the good. The brush is small and allows precise application to even tiny lashes It is tapered to get into the corners and coat every lash. One coat really does lengthen and add volume. Two does even more but nowhere near what Revlon claims. The length is average but it does add quite a bit of volume to my thin lashes. I bought Black and it is very dark and dramatic. It doesn't flake but, if I rub my eyes, it will make give me worse raccoon eyes than I already have. It comes off fine with regular facial cleanser. I didn't buy the waterproof variety because I don't like to force mascara off or to use oily eye make up remover. This didn't run but I didn't get it wet. The bad news is that it has the tendency to clump. I used a few coats and then combed through with a lash brush. I could have worn it the way it was but I like separated totally unclumpy lashes. And it doesn't curl a bit. In fact, it is so heavy that it drags my lashes down rather than curling them. I saw no signs of this mascara lifting or curling my lashes. So, we have mascara that does lengthen and does add volume. It adds drama and color. However, it tends to clump, especially with multiple coats applied, and it will rub off. It also does not curl at all even though it claims it will. But, despite the drawbacks, I will use this again. I will only use one coat though because my lashes look much less stuck together and clumpy that way. ***My Viewpoint*** Well, this mascara certainly can't possibly live up to its claims but it is quite dramatic and does get at every lash. I wish I could rate it 3.5 stars because it is not quite above average yet it is better than average. Since I can't, I am going round the rating down to ***3 stars but it is better than most of the average mascaras I have reviewed. ***I will wear it again and it does add some length and volume. And clumps. Sigh, why is nothing ever easy?


The heart of , NY

true failed with this mascara


About the product:  Dramatizes eyes with 17x fuller, 70% curvier, and 50% visibly longer lashes with beautiful separation.  Lashes appear multiplied from every angle.  How it works:  Unique Bold ImpactTM Brush features a breakthrough design to build dramatic lashes in three ways: Shorter bristles deposit mascara for extreme fullness. Extended bristles lift lashes up and out for maximum length, curl and separation. Tapered tip reaches corners of eyes to magnify and multiply the smallest of lashes. Patented lightweight gel formula spirals around each lash with intense color for maximum impact with no caking or flaking.  Lies, lies and more lies.  This has to be one of the worst mascaras that I have ever wasted money on.  I was running out of Lash I went and bought new one, but also saw this one hanging right next to it.  I was intrigued.  It was a little more than the Lash Blast...but I love trying new I didn't really mind.  I opened it up a few days later and pulled the brush out of the tube.  It seemed a little tough to pull it out, but I thought it was the seal or something. was the thickness (or oldness) of the mascara.  I could barely see the bristles of the brush through the thick mascara clumped around it.  It was a cakey mess.  I rubbed the mascara off of the brush onto a towel...ha! there is the brush.  I put it back in the tube and the same thing happened again.  I once heard that to get the last bit of mascara out of the tube you can add a drop of oil eye makeup remover and shake.  I tried...and it made no difference.  I tried out the mascara on my eye anyways...another disappointment.  My eye lashes got caked together and I had about 5 large mascara clumps.  What a waste! ***Final thoughts:***  I will never know for sure of the mascara is just made this way or if it was just way too old...I won't waste my time or money ever trying this kind again.


Toledo, OH


Revlon's 3D Extreme Mascara is decent but not special.


Seeing this mascara on sale with a bonus eyeliner, I decided to give it a shot. At the time, I did not hear much about this mascara. The wand is nothing special: it is not too big and the bristles are not too short. The formula is not that great, but I have tried worse. I purchased the mascara in the blackest black, and it indeed made my lashes much darker. I feel that the mascara does provide some volume but not an incredible amount. In terms of length, I do see additional length on my short lashes, but again, not to a great extent. For those who want a more dramatic look with full, thick, long lashes, I would not recommend this mascara. For those who are okay with a decent mascara for day-to-day wear, I might suggest this, but only if it is on sale at a great price. In the end I think that there are plenty of other mascaras to choose from, so I would not repurchase. Also, as with many other mascaras, there is a tendency to clump if you apply it on too thickly.


Anaheim, CA


Like it!


**Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara** **I have the waterproof version & I do like it. My eyes look very sunk into my head without it. I need eye make up. I have a hard time applying eye make up because I cannot see with out my glasses. I have to wear my glasses applying eye liner & I just wing it with mascara. It still turns out good. I've heard people complain about**** Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara before because too much mascara comes out on to the brush, which is true. What they do is wipe the excess mascara onto a kleenex which is a big waste of product. What I do is just scrap it off inside the mascara tube so it is not wasted,works just fine that way. It seems to stay where it supposed to & not smudge. I'll have to admit I do not take my make up off before going to bed (bad). It just gets washed off in the shower in the morning.**


Fergus Falls, MN


Not for beginners


This is a decent volumizing mascara that does what it advertises, though it's really hard to get the hang of unless you have a lot of experience using mascara before. The wand is tiny tiny, and so clumping is almost inevitable. If you have small asian eyes the brush might be suitable but for others, it might be too short.Many people do not like this but I think that's the point; it's suppose to make your lashes look thicker and fuller. If you want separated lashes, try a different formula (one that isn't marked as volumizing). THe packaging is rather ugly though, it's a silver, metallic tube that looks cheap. I only bought it because it was 75% off at cvs. Regular retail price is around 10 bucks: definitely not worth it at all. If you would like fuller thicker lashes without difficulty applying then I recommend Clinique's high impact macara. That wand brush is long and doesn't clump as easily as this one. However, there is one good thing I like about Revlon 3D, is that it doesn't smudge by teh end of the day. THat's always a plus.


San Francisco, CA


Revlon 3D Extreme is the worst mascara I've ever used


I got this in Waterproof, and was lured in by the claims of "17x Fuller, 70% Curvier, 50% Longer Lashes!" What they should have written was, "Clumps and Flakes like crazy." This mascara was very difficult to apply, not because of its wand (which is probably the only thing it's got going for it: it's a pretty small applicator, but the shape really lets you get all the lashes), but because its formula is so terrible that it barely goes onto your lashes. The Revlon mascara has probably the least smooth formula I've ever used, it's so dry that it pretty much just flakes onto your eyelashes while sticking all your lashes together in massive clumps. And that's not even after applying 2 coats: just trying to get one sweep of mascara onto my clean lashes results in clumps and flakes all over my eyes. I have never really had the chance to test if this is waterproof or won't wear off because I've never really been able to get this onto my lashes.


La Jolla, CA


Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara

2.5 6