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Revlon 3-Barrel Jumbo Waver Curling Iron

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Works Great on Hard to Curl Hair


My daughter had been wanting a curling iron for a while, and I found this 3 barrel curling iron and another curling iron on sale and decided to purchase both. After using each of them, the 3 barrel is definitely her favorite. Her hair is hard to curl and sometimes doesn't keep a curl. The traditional curling iron didn't work well for her, but the 3 barrel worked the first time. It gave her hair a lot of body and a really pretty wave. She has used it on several of her friends and cousins, and it has worked well on every length of hair and hair texture. Everyone who has used it really likes the look, and it was reasonably priced, too. I would definitely purchase another one for a gift!


Lafayette, IN


Awesome look, but do you have the Patience?


I absolutely love the look that I get with this product! Hmmmm, but do I love the process? Umm, not so much. If you don't have time, patience, or the strength to keep doing your hair after a couple of tiny burns, then this product is not for you. First of all, it's pretty time consuming. I'm used to spending about 15 to 20 minutes on straightening my hair, but to curl my hair with this product, it took me about an hour (that's why you need to have the time to spend, and the patience to keep going). I'm not really used to burning my fingers with my hair products, but with this "bulky" curling iron, it's kind of inevitable. But after one hour, 2 or 3 burns, and a lot of hairspray, the look I wanted was achieved, and all the hard work that I put into my hair seemed totally worth it. Now, I give this product 5 stars for the look it allows you to achieve, but 1 star for how difficult it is to get that look. So you decide, is having awesome curls worth going through the process that it takes to get there? I thought it was, but not everyone has a lot of patience. (But TRUST me, this is not something that I do to my hair everyday, not even I have the patience for that). 


Weslaco, TX


Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Irons are Alot of Fun!


My daughter had been wanting a 3 barrel curling iron for quite awhile, so we finally got her one. It gives the hair a wavy look, sort of like the old crimpers, but with a bigger wave, not as tight and frizzy as a crimper. My daughter loves to use this, and has a lot of fun doing her and her friends hair with this. This is not a curling iron that would replace your other single barrel curling irons, as you pretty much only can use it for one look. Also, it is a pretty time consuming process to get even waves through out all of your hair, so I personally don't have the patience for something like this, and will stick to hot rollers. It is a fun addition to the hair products you already own if you are looking for a different look, but definitely not something I would say you have to rush out and purchase. My daughter and her friends are at an age where they love doing each others hair, and they have a lot of fun with it, so overall it was worth the money paid.


Oregon City, OR


Ok product


This curling iron was a little disappointing for me. I bought the 3 barrel waver because the packaging said that I would be able to get S shaped waves when using it, However, what I managed to get was not the beautiful waves I had wanted, but crimped hair, a look I was not going for. I don't know if it's because of the product or if it's because my hair is naturally straight, but it becomes frizzy after I use curling irons on it. Whatever the cause, I was not satisfied with the outcome. Since I had already opened the packaging and there was no way to return it, I now use it for crimping purposes. For this purpose, it works great! i can get crimped hair fairly quickly (versus braiding all my hair and going to bed with wet braids). It is, however, more time consuming than most curling irons. You need to dedicate probably around half an hour to get your whole head finished. Overall, this product might work better for others, but for me it did not give me the desired look. 


Norman, OK


Works as advertised, but not my style


My hairdresser recommended this product highly so I thought I would give it a try.  I found the curling iron to be a bit bulkier than most, but overall easy to use.  I liked that it could handle a large amount of hair with each crip of the iron.  I have thick hair so the more hair I could use in the iron at one time the less time I spent on cripping my hair.  I have shoulder length hair and each chunk of hair I used the iron on took three passes with the iron.  Once I used the iron on a section of hair I did not have to go back over any of the sections, which made me feel like the iron must have gotten very hot.  I was hoping for a natural wave type effect on my hair, but the iron worked so well that my hair looked overdone and unnatural.  The overall effect looked more like I had used a cripping iron than had relaxed waves like I wanted.  I don't think this is the product's fault, I just now know it is not my style.  I would totally buy revlon products in the future, however.


Loveland, OH


Takes time and patience, but results are great


I wouldn't call it a curling iron, it's more of a wave iron. I use this iron all the time. I creates the prettiest medium sized waves and if you take a small curling iron and curl your tips it looks even more natural. I had a hard time using it at first because it is large and a little heavy. I burned my fingers a few times too.Don't be discouraged if you can't seem to figure it out in the beginning. If you were using a curling iron for the first time you would have a few issues wouldn't you? I eventually got the hang of it and now I don't burn my fingers anymore and I can finish my hair much quicker. The price was really affordable, especially in comparison with other wavers. It has a dial for temperature control, which I love, as well as an on and off switch. It gets pretty hot.and I only use the lowest settings. If you want natural looking waves, or that beachy look, youshould try this waver.


Hollywood, FL


Revlon 3-Barrel Jumbo Waver Curling Iron

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