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Revlon 1200W Ionic Hot Air Dryer and Styler

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Great value Hair dryer


This is an excellent hair dryer. It is even better for traveling, since I don't need to bring an extra brush. It used to shut off on me (as another reviewer mentioned) but then I realized it was because I had my hand over the vents. You have to hold the dryer without covering these vents or else it will overheat. It dries my long wavy hair faster than a regular dryer.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Revlon Hot Air Dryer works okay


It's a good thing I use this dryer on the low setting because everytime I attempt to use it on the higher settings, it overheats and shuts off.  My hair is fine and thin so I don't require a high heat setting so this really isn't a problem for me, but it might be for others.  I had shoulder-length hair when I purchased it and the brushes were great for adding volume and lift.  I like the fact that it comes with two brush diameters and I could use either diameter depending on the finished style I wanted.  Now that my hair is short, I still use the dryer, but I use it without the brushes and merely direct the air flow towards my hair. The metal end of the appliance does get very hot.  This isn't much of a problem when using the brushes, as the plastic end of the brush that clips onto the blower part covers it.  But when I use it without the brushes, I have to let it cool a little before I can place it back in the drawer.

Mooresville, NC


Pretty good.


I got this as a christmas gift. I had another one of these a year or so ago but it was a different brand. I have been looking for one for a long time to replace it. I found this one and compared it to some other, more expensive ones I found and this one seemed like the best deal. It gets really hot, which is good because it makes your hair curl better. It has different heads you can put on it. I personally like the biggest brush head because it smoothes your hair out more without getting tangled. It has a cool, low and high setting to it. I've never really used to cool before, not sure why you would. This thing blows out enough air to dry your hair (if its not too thick). The high setting blows out A LOT so I usually use the low setting. My hair is naturally curly and I use this after I've blow dryed it straight. Makes it shiny and curls the ends under. I would def. recommend this product.

Athens, GA


Revlon 1200W Ionic Hot Air Dryer and Styler

4.0 3