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Dark and Lovely
Dar 3583
Reviving Colors No. 395 Natural Black []

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works pretty good


I use this once in a while. It is a little messy, but the color is OK.

Asbury Park, NJ


Great Color With No Damage to My Hair


My relaxed hair was beginning to look a little dull to me, and I was also seeing a few more gray hairs sprouting. I wanted to try a hair color that was safe for hair that's been chemically treated. Last time I had used Just 5 Haircolor, which seemed to work fine at one time, but eventually broke off my hair in places. This time I wanted something without peroxide or ammonia, and Reviving Colors fit the bill. Effectiveness So far, so good. I mixed Ebone Brown with Spiced Auburn and ended up with a perfect (for me) shade of dark brown with hints of spice. It looks very natural and my gray hairs now appear as reddish-brown highlights and blend in beautifully. My hair felt no different after treatment than it does when I shampoo/condition. It's still soft, moisturized, and not the least bit brittle or hard. Ease of Application Reviving Colors is really easy to apply. I actually deep-conditioned my hair first, then washed it with my regular shampoo. I applied the gel-like color with my gloved fingertips and worked through gently, but thoroughly. I used the plastic wrap provided and sat under my Mastex Thermal Spa Heat Cap for 15 minutes. Rinse out thoroughly, and you're done. My hair looks brightened--but natural--and feels wonderful.

Chicagoland, IL


Reviving Colors No. 395 Natural Black []

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