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Restwarmer Heated Mattress Pad

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Returned it the next day!


My husband bought this for me for Christmas and unfortunately we ended up returning it the next day.  Since I hate to be pessimistic, I thought I would list the pros first: 1) it is dual controlled, which works nicely for two people who are completely different on how they prefer the temperature, 2) the cords were nice and long, so we had no problem running them underneath the mattress and reaching a plug. However, there were several things we did NOT like about it!  It did NOT fit well on our queen mattress.  We have a pillowtop mattress and it barely covered our mattress - it came down maybe halfway on the side of the mattress.  Because of that, it did not stay on the mattress very well.  Most mattresses now-a-days come with pillow tops, so I'm not sure why they made this to fit standard mattresses.  We also did not like how long it took to heat up...maybe we had a faulty one, but we timed it...it took just over 20 minutes before we could even feel the slightest amount of heat (and we had it set on high).  Once it was finally heated, it stayed nice and warm, but it took way too long! So overall, we were not impressed and we are MUCH happier with the Sunbeam dual mattress pad :)

Reading, PA


Restwarmer heated mattress pads are great


Restwarmer heated mattress pads are wonderful.  If you have any kind of lower back problems, do manual labor, or just work your muscles hard, they are great.  They have more heat at the feet and gradually less as it progresses to the top around your head.  I tried electric blankets and did not like the heat on top.   I got my first one of these as a gift many years ago.  The heat on the bottom is much better.  Queen size and up have dual controls, so if your partner and you disagree on how warm the bed should be, you can both have your own warmth number. Turn it on about 10 minutes before you turn in and the bed is nice and warm.  It saves on heating bills also, as you can turn the furnace down at night. I have recommended this product to my family and friends and everyone who purchased one, loves it.  I take mine to the Laundromat and put it in one of the big machines on gentle and it comes out great. 

Brighton, IL


Electric mattress pad- like a day at the beach!


I purchased the Restwarmer electric mattress pad as a gift for my husband. He is on medication and gets cold easily so I thought this would be a good idea for him. I didn't think I would be using my side (queen has two controls) but, on cold winter nights, you feel as if you are laying on warm sand at the beach! It doesn't get too hot and warms you from underneath rather than on top as an electric blanket would do. Turn it on about half hour before retiring and your bed is so cozy. I start out with the highest setting (5) but lower my side to a two or three depending upon how warm I feel. An absolutely great indulgence- we've had ours 3 years now and it still works like new.

Providence, RI


Restwarmer Heated Mattress Pad

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