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Restava Pearl Memory Foam Mattress

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Voyage to the unknown world of memory foam mattresses


When I purchased this mattress in 2012 there were fewer choices and it was really hard to know how they might sleep, durability, trust, etc. They were good to work with and the bed was delivered and set up as promised. Bed was very firm to begin and eventually softened up some, but dips developed within 2 years and have steadily gotten deeper. Rotating helps only minimally. Now company is shut down.



who wants to get off this!?!?!?!?!?


Thanks Restava for coming up with this bed. I love love LOVE IT! First night good. Second night better. Third night WOW! I can just lay in this thing for hours it feels that good. It looks really cool too. Go Restava!

Batavia, IA


Why pay more to have Tempur-Pedic's name?


I experience back and shoulder pain on a daily basis. At night, before I purchased my Restava Pearl, I would often toss and turn - never being able to feel just right or comfortable and would often just wake up. Since we have received our King Size Restava Pearl mattress and foundation, I actually look forward to going to bed. I now sleep rather well when I am home and am having a hard time adjusting back to the "standard" mattresses that are often found in mid to higher scale hotels while traveling during the week. My wife was skeptical and very reluctant at first when I told her I was going to purchase the equivalent of the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe Series. She wanted to see what it felt like in person. Of course, that wasn't possible - but given the price (less than half of Cloud Luxe Series), better warranty, better return policy and after reading all of the positive reviews, I figured that it was a calculated risk that I was willing to take. It turned out that I was right. She's never been happier when it comes to sleeping. No complaints from her. My only complaint? It's hard to get her out of the bed for work the next morning!

Geismar, LA


Restava Pearl Memory Foam Mattress

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