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Renuzit Airlets - Hawaiian Sunset

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Renuzit Scented Oil Airlets Plug Them in and Forget Them


We have a small bathroom downstairs in our main living area that most people use when they are on the main level or when they are visiting with us.  Since many people use this washroom, I always want it to look nice and smell nice.  There is however very little counter space so putting an air freshner on the counter is out of the question, and I already have some little knickknacks and tissues above the toilet, so when I saw the Renuzit Scented Oil Airlets I thought they would work well in this little bathroom because you plug them in to an outlet.  Therefore they are up and off of the counter top.  Also the heat from the being plugged in releases the nice scent.  I chose the Hawaiian Sunset because I like tropical fragrances. The airlets kind of look like your typical plug plates except they are a little larger and they stick out about a fourth of an inch from the wall.  They are also really white.  When you buy the original starter package you will get the plug plate looking thing along with a fragrance refill.  Simply remove the foil tab from the refill.  Then make sure that it is placed properly inside the plug plate.  Then you just plug the whole thing in to your outlet plugs.  Make sure the the control switch is up at the top.  You should start smelling the fragrance in a little less than a minute.  There is a control switch so you can decide if you want the fragrance to come out sparingly or if you want a big burst of fragrance to come out.  When the unit is installed it looks like a regular plug outlet it has little holes just like a regular outlet, and you are supposed to be able to use the plugs still if you need it.  You just push the plug in to the outlet, like any other outlet, however, I found it very difficult to do this.  It was a little too tight fitting squeezing any plugs in to it.  So when I need to plug something in I just pull the unit out, do what I need to do and plug it back in.  The fragrance is nice and clean smelling, To me it smells like a pineapple scented candle.  When you are in the bathroom you can always faintly smell the fragrance.  If you switch it to high you can smell it from about 6 feet away on any side of the bathroom. Warning from package:  Use in 120 volt electrical outlets-only, do not use with extension cords, power strips, or outlet adapter plugs, Unit can be used in GFCI outles, Remove unit and test GFCI monthly.  Do not place refill on finished wood surfaces, use with care around birds, and other sensitive household pets, for household use only keep out of reach of children.  Do not swallow, if swallowed do not induce vomiting seek medical advice immediately. Other than the plug parts being a little to tight to actually use I think this is a good product, it is really not a big deal to unplug the unit when you need to use the actual plug, so that is not really a big deal for me. It smells good, it works well, it is not cluttering up my counter top I have been using this one I have in now for about 2 months and it is still going strong.  The manufacturer says it will last around 90 days.  I do recommend Renuzit Scented Airlets Air Freshner in the Hawaiian Sunset fragrance.   

Crystal Lake, IL


Renuzit Airlets - Hawaiian Sunset

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