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ReNew Life
ReNew Life Paragone

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Your gut will thank you, the parasites won't


I took a trip to Ethiopia a while back and picked up a few friends over there (tapeworms).I used this product and it worked wonders. It can be a bit trying, as it is a 35 day cleanse. But you can rest in the fact that it is so much better for you than any of the terrible antiobiotics that are generally prescribed for these types of problems.This product supports your body as it works on getting rid of the parasites. You may feel some discomfort as the parasites are dying off. This is common, what happens is that the parasites release all kinds of toxins as they are dying and this can affect you negatively.I would definitely suggest this product if you know you have or think you have parasites. Even if you are simply feeling a lot of discomfort in your gut, it could be parasites.

Devon, PA


Wow! Arthritis & grey hair dissappearing


Within a week after using the pain in my joints and in the heel of foot that hurts when I first get up is slowly dissappearing and my grey hair is turning back brown! I don't know if it's the diet or the killing of the parasite or both but something amazing is happening. A diet of absolutely no sugar (including fruit), no bread/yeast, no grains except steel cut oats, no potatoes, etc. etc. is incredibly difficult but the results are amazing as for once I don't feel like I'm aging and that it is going in reverse! I always ate pretty healthy with tofu & brown rice and steel cut oats every morning.  Unfortunately, though now I can't cook the water in raisin and add blueberries to the oatmeal at least during the cleanse.  Getting off all sugars I think is a good thing though. I am only little more than  a week into it and the results are amazing.  Got 25 days to go.  I orders some Clark's Minerals as it seems like a good time to take them! At anyrate I recommend both the diet and the ParaGone!

Rock, MI


ReNew Life Paragone

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