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Renew Body Lotion

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Never need any other brand again!


i was Surprised at the results I got when trying this lotion. My girlfriend asked me to try it since we live in an arrid dry area. Wow! Especially being a guy, lotion is lotion as long as its not to perfume strong. But this works well, its not greasy and you can see the results. My girlfriends dad's a diabetic and its really helped hhis skin.

Las Vegas, NV


If you like to feel smooth and not be oily...this is your stop!


  There are lotions out there and then there is this...the body moisturizer. I first tried this lotion about a week ago and I now I am a representative of the company that creates this product. I never thought I'd even be interested in marketing a lotion, I come from a totally different background, but when I felt this lotion dissipate into my skin and I couldn't get it to rub off on anything else...I was hooked. I think the thing about this lotion is not the smell (which is great), or the consistency (whatever that is..joke), but this lotion really seeps way down deep into the skin and makes a difference in the way you feel. The feeling of not having a bunch of oils sitting on your hand...you know like slippery door knobs after you've walked into the room. That is what makes a difference to me. I want that in my skin, not on my clean white shirt. That is what makes this lotion a winner to me. Now about the medicinal properties of the lotion, because I know there are tons. Anyone who had chronic dry skin and has tried a bunch of medicine smelling, harsh, thick beyond belief lotions, this ain't it. This is like normal lotion, smooth and very light, but the key is that is goes into the skin (in like 5 seconds) and there it stays and goes to work on that dry skin. It lasts the whole day and seems to be water repellant, but just may be down so deep it doesn't go anywhere when you wash your hands or do some dishes.   Love it, love it, love it.   Chap stick review is coming up next.

Long Beach, CA


I love it, and will not change it for anything.


I have an 1 acre of land, and have about 40 trees in my back yard. I love summers, because you can go outside, and get wet. I water my flowers, and play with my kids outside. My skin on the other hand gets damaged, because of the dryness specially my hands, arms, feet.This is in the summer, but all weathers is the same thing. I have purchased many, many lotions and thought that they would work, but none did. After so many years of dry skin without finding something that would help me. My friend and I were having coffee one day. We have so many conversations, and the conversation came out about dry skin. She had had dry skin problems until she tried Renew she let me try the lotion, and as soon as I tried it I realized that it wasn't like the ones I have always purchased. I noticed that day that my skin was soft practically all day. I decided to asked her were she got it, and she explained. I'm a happy customer, and will not suffer from dry skin again.  

Lancaster, CA


Renew Body Lotion

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