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Renal K (Potassium Gluconate) Gel, 150 ml (Vet Solutions)

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An easy to give solution for cats needing potassium supplements


My cat's potassium was low, so my vet sold me this product. It works, and it does the job. BUT, it has an awful flavor that cats DO NOT LIKE. It smells like Maple Syrup. It has been said that cat's cannot taste sweet. I do not believe this to be true. It is easy to measure out into a syringe and give it to your pet, but my gosh, they do not like getting it. You can tell by the look on their sweet faces that they do not like the taste at all. I had to give it to my younger kitty for a while. She actually foamed at the mouth when I gave it to her. I felt so badly. Of course, this is just my experience, with my cats. Perhaps yours will not mind the Maple Syrup flavor and smell. But, mine surely did. I would use this product if there were no others available. I ended up switching to a pill form of the potassium supplement, which Pooh does not mind. The good things about the product are that it is inexpensive, and easy to measure, and easy to administer. I just wish it were flavorless. Vet Solutions makes wonderful products. But, if your kitty does not like sweet tasting products, I wouldn't recommend giving them this gel.

Wolcott, NY


Renal K (Potassium Gluconate) Gel, 150 ml (Vet Solutions)

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