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Remington R4130 Flex Dual Rotary Shaver

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The Remington Razor Survived the war in Iraq...


I bought this razor for my husband before he left for Iraq, he loved it!  He said it made things so much easier for him. Eventually it did need to be replaced, and we shoped around until we found this same razor because my husband doesn't want anything else.

Colorado Springs, CO


The Remington R-4130 works, but not that good.


The Remington R-4130 is definately not the best razor out there, trust me. For the price you might as well buy a regular blade and get a much closer shave that way. I wouldnt spend my money on it if it were up to me, but if your on a budget and cant afford to buy new blades its ok.

Galt, CA


remington R-4130


This product is actually good and much faster then reguar shaving razors by hand, but some of hte prices that come with buying a electric razor dont come cheap. I could not even afford the newer newer real nice ones. A few a re decently priced and would recomend this product to anyone wanting to buy a razor. Very efficient and good working does the job just rite and very happy with it. Just they sometimes make more of a mess then i want to clean up. But with a regular razor it makes a very big mess much more then a electric razor. easier to just shave in the shower with a normal razor. Dont recomend it though. Some good places to get these would be like a walmart of target walgreens or find deals online and a hygeine type store. These products are safer too when it comes to having a blade on others, plus if you have children around that like to go through things and they find this one, they would not cut themselves on any blades open.

Council Bluffs, IA


Remington R4130 Flex Dual Rotary Shaver

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