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Remington R-5130 Flex 360 Cord/Cordless Rechargeable Rotary Shaver for Men

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Could be better


The Remington R-5130 Flex 360 Cord/Cordless Rechargeable Men's Rotary Shaver has some good points. It gives a nice close shave and feels comfortable on the skin. It can be used cordless or if charge is down, it may be plugged in and used that way. It also features a L.E.D gauge indicating battery level. It's not all good news though. The mustache trimmer could be designed better. Then there is the very annoying problem with rotary heads. They easily pop off and fall on the floor. When taking the cover off the head you have to be very careful to not accidently cause it to pop open and get the finely cut hairs all over the place. While it gives a decent shave, it is hard to overlook such a poor design that causes a shaver to self-destruct even while in use. I suppose I will live with the flaw until it finally breaks or I get around to getting another shaver. If you are looking to purchase a shaver you might want to shop around before deciding on this one.

Dunn, NC


A very comfortable shaver


The Remington R-5130 Flex 360 Cordless Shaver is fantastic for those of us with sensitive skin but thick hair on the face. Specifically i deal with thick neck/chin hair and most shavers especially razers just leave me with red burns or cuts. I have owned norelco's and despite their great name they do not work as well as the this shaver does. It also charges quickly and will easily last for between eight through twelve full shaves before the light starts to blink. its easy to clean the top, and remove the hair from, and the beard trimmer still works even after six months of ownership. (something that most shavers just dont manage to have last). This is a shaver worth buying, it is also very comfortable to hold and to use.

Brooklyn, NY


I can't Believe I got this much Shaver for this Price


I got this shaver from Wal-Mart for like 40 bucks. I got a cheaper Remington which I was replacing. I was unsatisfied with my last one and did want to get another but this one seemed so nice I had to try it. I am so glad I did. The big difference seems to be the voltage. This one has twice the voltage my last had. This means the blades move fast. That means it cuts through hair faster and easier. The blades show less signs of wear and aging because they are moving faster. Think about it. Because they blade is moving faster it cuts through hair easier even if the blade isn't new. I have had mine for almost a year and don't have to replace the blades yet. I don't get tugs unless I let my hair get real long between shaves. The battery lasts nice and longs still. The power gauge is a terrific feature. The corded options is wise incase the battery does ever start to go. All in all more than I expected. Remington has redeemed itself.

Greenville, PA




I had my husband try the Remington; he's been using Phillips Norelco 7810 and likes it. We liked the packaging of the Remington - small, sleek box - but it went downhill from there. The plug on the charger is HUGE compared to what we're used to. The shaver is not very well made and feels like it's going to fall apart at any moment. While the shave was alright, the shaving heads fell off a few times which was inconvenient and plain annoying. It's also very hard to get the shaving heads back on - the parts just don't appear to fit right. Cleaning is a mess. I honestly hope this shaver is not representative of all Remington shavers...

Cleveland, OH


Loses life too easily


When looking for a razors for my husband, I have bought two Remington razors.  I shall not ever do it again.  Both Remington razors have failed him, and me ;)  The blades died early and the replacement blades are uber expensive.  When using as cordless, the life is sucked out of this Remington razor quicker then you can say all gone.  I hear him shaving in the morning and I feel very bad. It sounds like a dying cat ready to go every morning.  I am looking now for recommendations on a new razor.  Anyways, I did not pay an arm and a leg for the razor so maybe that is the problem.  THe look of this razor is very nice and attractive. It fooled me once and it fooled me twice, shame on me.  The little carrying case is okay, but you can barely fit all the cord and razor in it easily, too small.  I would not recommend this to anyone. The only plus I can say about this product is it helped my husbands neck bumps (every shave) feel better.

Normal, IL


remington razor..bought it and love it


My dad really wanted one of this fancy razors, si I got the hint, and bought it for him as a Christmas present. I must say, I am not sorry at all for the money I spent on it. Apparently, it's easy to use. My dad really likes it. It's also...well...not too loud. Actually it's more silent than I thought. And now, the reason you actually buy it...how it shaves. It's lovely. It leaves the skin smooth, with no bumps or pulled hair. I actually tried it on half a leg :)). It's cordless, so that's one frustration that goes down the toiled :). It's really easy to charge too. The thing is, that of course, like every two years, you must buy a new head (the razor part). Like any other razor, it wears off. Anyway, it does it;s purpose well and I would honestly recommend it to any of my friends for their dads or husbands or brothers. I mean, you don't have to buy that messy shaving cream, you can use it in your office, in your car while you're standing at a light stop.  Two thumbs up!

Spring, TX


Remington R5130 gives a close and smooth shave women love.


**Remington R5130 is a plus for any guy.  It not only offers a smooth and painless shave, but also charges long-term in 1.5 hrs and short-term in five minutes (for that emergency shave now and then).  If you're a One-time-a-day or two-times-a-day shaver, you can't go wrong with **Remington R5130.****

Bloomsburg, PA


A nice shave!


I recently purchased the Remington R5130 to replace my old Norelco.  Having been a Norelco fan r quite some years I was reluctant to switch brands, but now having purchased my first Remington shaver I have to say wow!  This shaver leaves my face feeling nice and smooth.  I like the three flexible heads, the pop-up trimmer, and the fact that it is both a cordless model as well as a corded model.  Some razors these days are either corded or cordless but not both.  I like the dual feature with this model.  This zazor also has a nice led battery indicator feature to let you know how much battery life is left.  Then if you need to it has a 5-minute quick charge feature, or just plug it in a use it corded.  Cleaning this razor is a breeze, all you have to do it rinse it with water daily.  It is a nice feature, but I've found that rinsing it with water doesn't clean as well but with an added brush it helps.  If you are looking for a decently priced electric razor then give the Remmington R5130 a try, I did and it works great.

Boise, ID


Remington R-5130 Flex Cord/Cordless Rechargeable- Smooth Shave


My boy friend has the worst time shaving with a regular disposable razor. I have bought every kind out there and he still looks like he has some kind of toilet paper acne when he gets finished shaveing. He comes out with little pices of toilet paper stuck over all the nicks. I tried to talk him into buying his self a electric razor but he would not put the money out, said it would not give him a good shave. Buy them one and they will use it. I bought one for him and you should hear him, he tells everyone that will listen about how good a shave it gives and he don't get nicked. The Remington R5130 Men's 360° Pivot and Flex Corded/Cordless Rechargeable Rotary Shaver, will pivot in every direction, the heads adjust to your face, chin, jaw, and neck. It can be used with cord or cordless. Has a LED that indicates battery level, and a quick charge function. He says it is the best present anyone has evey bought him.      

Tickfaw, LA


Remington R-5130 Flex 360 Cord/Cordless Rechargeable Rotary Shaver for Men

3.8 9